A book review

It’s such a beautiful and a delightful read. Author CeeCee James has penned a wonderful cozy mystery that’s very exciting and thrilling. This book is so riveting that I couldn’t put it down even for a moment.

Laura Lee and her friends, Mary, Janet, Jessie, Lucy and Cook are employed in the Thornberry Manor for a wealthy widow, Miss Janice. Margeruite , the main housekeeper, is away and is replaced by Patty, a stern lady and a stickler for discipline. One day, Laura Lee tries to sleep when she hears a loud scream. She decides to find out and exits her room. Her other friends are also out of their respective rooms. It turns out that Janet screamed because she felt an intruder in her room. Cook and Laura enter her room and are shocked to find the state of her room. It is so cluttered that it looks a tornado visited her room. Janet insists that her lucky ring is missing.

The next day, Miss Janice learns about the intruder and asks for volunteers to investigate. Laura Lee, her friend Mary, Lucy, and the gardener Stephen enter the secret tunnel outside the cupboard under the bookcase in the library. They are shocked to discover a skeleton. The skeleton is wearing an old-fashioned pocket watch and Stephen clicks its picture. Laura Lee’s cat, Hank, also happens to be in the tunnel and her friends scramble out in fear except for Stephen. Laura Lee rescues her cat and finds an envelope. They exit the hidden tunnel and inform Miss Janice about the skeleton of a man who might have been murdered. They gather in the kitchen as Butler calls for the police. Stephen shows the picture of the pocket watch to the Cook who gasps and identifies the skeleton to be of Bernie Thornberry, brother of Henry Thornberry, the owner of the Manor.

Laura and her friends learn about a new visitor Gerald Hawkings who is a guest of Miss Janice. Later, Laura Lee reads the letter from the envelope that gives a cryptic message. She suspects it might be a clue to a hidden treasure and that Bernie might have been killed for it.

Laura Lee and her friends have a secret meeting in Marguerite’s bedroom. They discuss the history of the manor. Cook tells them about Bernie’s history and that the old butler, Nelson lives at Rosewood Nursing Home over in Granite.

Unfortunately, when Laura Lee and Mary visit him, they find that he is dead. Are these two murders interlinked? How did the murderer know about their plans? Will Laura Lee find out the truth behind Bernie’s and Nelson’s murder? Read this highly gripping tale of thrill and excitement as there are secrets waiting to be revealed.

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