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Jon Dough pays a visit to an Armed Forces Recruiting Center in San Francisco, California where he meets Gunnery Sergeant Chris Attriya. Attriya shocks him with a revelation that he is not destined to be in Armed Forces but do something different. He opens the drawer and takes out a sheet of paper containing the sentence: SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Jon signs up for it. And then his illusion starts. He has the other worldly visions of dragons, lizard like men, armored knights etc. He feels that he is losing his sanity.
He wants to meet Attriya again but is shocked to find that he has been replaced by someone else who introduces himself as Gunny Hardwick. The latter shows him a shadow box that was given as a gift to Attriya.
In the shadow box below, the ribbons is a small black plate with six gold words. THERE ARE OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE. Jon is shocked to learn that it had been over an year that Attriya had quit the force.
Jon leaves the Armed Forces Recruitment Center and finds a black man scribbling on newspaper, the same words: THERE ARE OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE.

John freaks out and faints as the homeless man revives him and introduces himself as Alijyar SyCajister.

Jon has frequent visions of a fantasy world. He decides to go for a walk with this pet dog Gribbles when he comes across a tree with a portal to another world: Evermoor. No sooner does he enter into Evermoor, than he barely escapes from a certain death by blade attack. He is saved by Ren who tells him that a prophecy has been made about a Traveler from another plane who would defeat Lyderea and conquer the Unbound Realm. Lyderea Fairdyle, is also known as the White veiled Queen, a tyrant, and has taken over the kingdom of Evermoor. Jon is fascinated by the revelation and is delighted to find his pet dog Gribbles in a human form. He is known as Gyrax in this realm and is the leader of the Wolven community.

Jon also meets Lucky, a thief, and Elier Finn, a duelist who joins them. Jon’s adventure in the fantasy world begins as there are plenty of twists and turns as the story progresses. What follows next is simply breathtaking! I am completely fascinated with this book.
Is Jon really the Prophesied Traveler who would free Evermoor from the tyrant Lyderea? A Door into Evermoor is an excellent book that fosters your imagination and keeps you thoroughly engrossed until the end. I am looking forward to reading the next part. Hearty congratulations to the author Kent Wayne for a fantastic series. Loved reading it and highly recommend it for those who enjoy reading fantasy .

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9 thoughts on “A DOOR INTO EVERMOOR

  1. Awesome!! I’m 70k into book 2, which has a bunch of stuff that fleshes out the fantasy side of things, including one of my favorites: pirates! I really appreciate the support, my friend! I’ll continue trying to entertain!

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