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Let’s visit the wonderful land of fantasy.
And relish every moment of ecstasy.
Let’s float among the fluffy white clouds like birds.
Let’s stroll along the soft green meadows with the cows walking in herds.
Let’s enjoy the peace and tranquility of the woods.
Let’s capture the beauty of Mother Nature in various moods.
Let’s sit beside the shore of the lake.
And leave aside the negative thoughts akin to a poisonous snake.
Let’s breathe in the fresh air that smells of the flowers.
And soak in the rain as if enjoying the natural showers.
Let’s watch the gorgeous deer and their fawns.
And enjoy their gamboling over the lush green lawns.
In this world of fantasy, there is no place for hatred or war.
Ego and pride don’t exist. Greed and jealousy are too far.
The animals live in peace with the humans instead of being locked in a cage.
The humans have gained self-control over their rage.
Love is available freely without any expectation.
How wonderful it would be living in such a destination!

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