Photo by Tope A. Asokere on Pexels.com

Working laboriously, in the scorching heat,
Is by no means, less than a feat.

Sweating profusely, all day long.
I see a poor labourer humming a song.

Carrying a load of cement in his back,
Moving to and fro, in his predetermined track.

The other men lent him a helping hand,
To carry the bricks, cement and sand.

I admire his hard work and love for life.
Surviving on the meagre wages with his kid and wife.

He is a person untouched by greed,
Happy to fulfil his basic need.

People like him are very rare to find.
A man with control over his temper and mind.

His life is nothing less than an inspiration.
As workers like him help build a nation.

He is happy in spite of his limited earning.

His life is a perfect example for learning.

How to be happy in our present state?

Instead of cursing or blaming our fate.

We are never contented and for more we crave

The wealth we amass will be useless beyond our grave.

Money is essential to earn our livelihood.

To fulfill our basic needs of shelter, clothing, and food.

But the character of a person is the real wealth.

Blessed is a life free from anxiety and disease, leading to a good health.

I find it quite inspiring that he ( the laborer) never once does complain.

Nor does he make a how of his physical pain.

He taught me that happiness is simply the state of one’s mind.

It can never be bought by cash or kind.

It’s upto us : we can either be grumpy or happy. We can either be friendly or be snappy.

Just like the laborer, let’s not worry too much about our lives.

A person having positive, never-say-die attitude, and hope, successfully survives.

The rat-race and cutthroat competition in a world possessed by greed for money and power.

Exercising self-restraint towards these vices is the need of the hour.

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