A book review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books in this series. It’s fun, cute, a bit steamy and romantic and a nice thriller spiced up with a supernatural element that makes this series more enjoyable. Lottie Lemon works as a chief baker for Honey Pot Diner, whose owner Nell Sawyer is her best friend, Keelie Turner’s grandmother. Lottie’s biological mother had abandoned her as a baby outside a fire station and she has been raised by Miranda and Joseph Lemon with her sisters, Lainey, and Meg. Lottie is an amazing baker and has a flair for solving difficult cases. Highly recommended for reading.

Book 1 ( Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies)

Lottie Lemon, a baker, in Honey Hollow, a town in Vermont, has a unique gift of seeing the dead creatures ( decreased pets) who warn of misfortune on their erstwhile owners. Initially, it would result in minor accidents to the owners until she sees the ghost of an orange tabby lurking around Merilee Simonson. She and her sister, Mora Anne, are dragging her to court for a misunderstanding resulted from dragging their last names for her pie that she had entered in a contest. The Simonson sisters lose the case as the young, handsome judge, Essex Everett Baxter rules the case in Lottie’s favor. Shortly, Merilee is found dead by Lottie when she visits Cider Grove Orchards. Lottie is a prime suspect, considering the history between her and the deceased. The story is absolutely thrilling and full of surprises.

Book 2 ( Bobbing for bodies)

Lottie Lemon opens her bakery ( Cutie Pie Bakery and Cakery) with the help of Nell Sawyer, her former employer at Honey Pot Diner, and Otis Fisher Bear, her ex-boyfriend and his cousin, Hunter, help her with the set up. This time she notices a transparent squirrel which is an ominous sign. A scaffolding suddenly comes loose and about to fall on Lottie when a stranger saves her. Bear learns of the incident and has a heated argument with Hunter who ends up dead. Lottie wants to clear her ex-boyfriend’s name with the help of her new handsome boyfriend, Noah Corbin Fox who also turns out to be Judge Everett Baxter’s stepbrother. This book is fabulous.

Book 3 ( Pumpkin Spice Sacrifice)

Lottie sees the ghost of her friend Everett Baxter’s lookalike lurking around and fears that this time the axe might fall on him. Everett takes her along to an award ceremony of his ex-girlfriend, Collette Jenner. She dies after consuming Lottie’s pumpkin spice latte. Lottie is a suspect again because her bakery had provided the desserts and latte for the occasion. Will Baker cum Amateur Detective Lottie Lemon be able to prove her innocence, now that her boyfriend Noah has joined the police as a Detective?

Book 4 ( Gingerbread and Deadly Dread)

Lottie Lemon has a secret. She is a transmundane. She can see ghosts of pets and humans and when this happens, a tragedy always takes place. Her friend, Everett, and her best friend, Keelie’s, Grandma, Nell Sawyer are the only people aware of her secret. She sees a ghostly dog hovering around during the Christmas Party. Her sister, Lainey’s cheating boyfriend, Tanner Redwood, gets murdered amidst the ongoing party . There are plenty of people offended by his misdemeanor. Even Lainey caught him cheating with another woman and threatened to kill him. Catch Lottie in action to flush out the culprit. It’s fantastic.

Book 5 ( Seven-layer-slayer)

Lottie Lemon is baking a seven-layered cake for her mother, Miranda Lemon’s friend, Eve Hollister’s birthday party. She spots a phantom bear, another sinister omen. Later at the party, Eve Hollister’s birthday party, she meets her daughters, Daphne, and Brenda Lee. The ghostly bear gatecrashes into the party and Eve Hollister turns up dead with her face down in the birthday cake. Lottie can’t help but investigate the case. Eve wasn’t that popular. Lottie’s reputation is at stake. It keeps getting more and more thrilling because there is another dead body is in store.

Book 6 ( Red Velvet Vengeance)

Lottie’s employee Lily Swanson happens to share her secret recipes with her sorority sisters, Greer Giles,Nikki Spencer, and Tinsley Shields. As a result, they open up a similar cafe ruining Lottie’s business. Lottie also discovers her biological mother, Carlotta Sawyer, Nell Sawyer’s niece. When Lottie visits community center for Valentine’s Day celebrations, she sees a dozen Chihuahuas. It results in disaster for Greer Giles who is found dead by Lottie with her famous red velvet cupcake shoved down her throat. Lottie enters into her detective mode. What happens next will keep you glued to your seats!

Book 7 ( Blood Baths and Banana cake)

Lottie has the shock of her life when she learns that her boyfriend Noah is still married to Britney. There is an unfortunate breakup to a budding romance. Meanwhile, Lottie has agreed to supply desserts for the party thrown in the honor of Judge Sterling Shumaker at the request of Everett Baxter. She is shocked to find Greer Giles in her ghostly form who warns her that she has come to fetch someone over the other side. Lottie fears for Everett but Judge Sterling Shumaker ends up dead. There are startling revelations and amazing twists. It makes an excellent read.

Book 8 ( New York Cheesecake Chaos)

Lottie Lemon isn’t happy to find her ex-boyfriend from New York, Curt Vanderlin, back in Honey Hollow with his girlfriend. She has agreed to cater for a book signing event by Author Pepper Patrick at Honey Hollow Public Library. Rhonda happens to be her biological mother Carlotta’s friend and the latter is staying with her. A phantom macaw visits the function and Rhonda Gilbert dies. What follows next is simply amazing!

Book 9 ( Lethal Lemon Bars)

Lottie Lemon is providing the desserts for Noah’s self-declared girlfriend Cormack Featherby’s sister, Landon’s divorce party. Greer Giles continues to haunt her mother’s B&B with her ghost boyfriend Winslow Decker. At the party, she sights a new ghost with Greer who introduces himself as Maximillian Finmore. He is here to seek someone else and she happens to be Nessa St. James, a wealthy spoiled brat, who is a friend of Landon. She is found dead with a lemon bar smeared across her face. There is another mystery within this mystery. It’s very exciting.

Book 10 ( Macaron Massacre)

Lottie Lemon’s mother, Miranda, is engaged to an arrogant despotic man, Rich Dallas. Lottie bakes the birthday cake for him but is surprised to find her favorite person, Nell Sawyer’s ghost. She is worried about her best friend, Keelie. Fortunately, Keelie is alright but Rich Dallas is dead with Lottie’s macarons in his hand. There’s not only plenty of twists in the murder case but some startling revelation concerning Lottie as well. All the books are highly entertaining. Definitely worth a read.

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