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I will continue my feature on colorful birds next Wednesday and then start a series on wildlife. Today I wanted to present a special post dedicated to rare and unique friendship of animals. These pictures are proof of the fact that animals are far superior to humans. In fact you can trust even a lion, tiger or a snake but never a human who believes in forging relationship for selfish motives. Don’t worry, I don’t hate humans but lament the fact that we are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures. Why is this intelligence being used for destructive purposes? Can’t we live in peace and harmony like these adorable darlings? Let’s take a look and learn from them.


Shocked? Aren’t you? Yes, it’s true. The leopard is one of the most ferocious beasts. It should have attacked and devoured the cow. But I learned about their unique friendship through a Facebook post and got the pic from Pinterest. According to the post, this cow raised the leopard as a cub and then the cub went back to the wild. After several years, the grown leopard strayed away from the woods and recognized its old friend. So sweet! There was a tragedy due to human intervention that I didn’t read. But still I am touched by the leopard’s gratitude.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

These cuties are real gems.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

What a friendship! This is really heart touching. A chimpanzee and a tiger cub grin at each other. When they can be friends, why can’t we?

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

A dog, a cat and a monkey! Wow, what an amazing trio!

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

An elephant calf playing with ducklings. The picture just keeps getting cuter.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

A herd of cows doting upon a sweet doggie. It seems to enjoy the cuddling.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

I completely agree with this quote.


Very adorable pic! I wish we had this special power to sniff out who is loyal and who is a traitor.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

A quote from the internet, ” Shoot the animals only with camera and not with guns.” ( Do include all kinds of weapons).

Try not to laugh ( Facebook)

Finally, a squirrel trusted a man to be his/ her friend. This shows that the gentleman must be really very kind.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

This is what an ideal friendship is all about! Helping your bestie to rise up in life, just as this sweetie pie helps his buddy, the kitty, to climb the tree by lending a helping paw. ( Hand).

And last, but not the least, the cutest pic of the day. Though it’s not directly related to animal friendship, I guess the human is very close to his / her pet kitty to let her play with the IPhone. Awww! Soooo Sweet.

Animal Friendship ( Facebook)

I thank Facebook for all these adorable posts. I am crazy about birds and animals. Facebook provides me with a treasure trove of animal pics. Definitely, it’s worth sharing, isn’t it?

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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