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Good morning friends,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today I am going to share some of my most thrilling dreams. Have you ever had dreams that are so realistic that you might wonder if it’s really happening? I did experience them several times.

I remember it was the time when my mother-in-law had succumbed to cancer. She was such a lovely woman and regarded me as her daughter instead of a daughter-in-law. She was very supportive of her daughters-in-law. I can never forget her motherly affection towards me. After her funeral, I saw a dream that very night. She appeared in front of me wearing a traditional nine-yard saree. I prostrated before her to seek her blessings. She raised her hand in blessing and immediately vanished. Wow! I didn’t feel like it was a dream at all.

Now, Join me for a crazy dream based on science fiction. I was in eighth grade and still remember this dream clearly. I saw that my house was converted into a spaceship and I was handling the controls as it took off from the earth. I saw a comet approaching and swerved my house to avoid collision. I would see all the planets. On my way to the earth, my house cum spaceship would crash into The Pacific Ocean every time, I came back from my journey into the space. Every night my house would take off and at a point of time, I was nearly dragged into a black hole. I woke up sweating profusely after this nightmare.

One fine afternoon, I was deep asleep when I saw that I was visiting my grandma in Nagpur. Everyone was running for his/ her life after hearing the news that the lions and tigers have escaped from the zoo. I went to play in the children’s park when I noticed a huge sack wriggling on its own. I went to open it and out jumped a ferocious tiger ready to pounce on me and sink its teeth on my face. I woke up immediately and gulped down a glass of water.

I used to watch crime shows like CID and Adaalat on Sony TV. I do love these shows even now. I had a thriller for a nightmare. In my dream, a psycho-killer had escaped from the prison. He could disguise like anyone. His getup was so perfect that he could easily pass off as a woman or an old man.

I had joined a women’s hostel. A new warden came to replace the old one. I became suspicious of her because she would often creep stealthily behind us to see what we were doing. I called the police to voice my suspicion that this ‘ lady’ might be the felon. It turned out that she was innocent. I lived in constant fear and always made sure to be surrounded by my friends. My best friend, Sheetal, assured me that she would always accompany to wherever I go. She convinced me to go out shopping with her. I got inside her car and saw a wicked smile on her lips as the car headed towards a deep forest. ” Stop it, Sheetal, ” I yelled but she kept smiling and suddenly stopped it in the dark forest. It was midnight. She turned to face me and slowly removed the mask. I gasped! It was the psycho-killer. He said, ” It’s a shame that I have to do this but you are going to be my 100 th victim. Before you die, I have to tell you that your best friend Sheetal paid me huge money to get rid of you, so that she could have your boyfriend.” He raised an ax and brought it forcefully when I fell down with a thud. So much for the scary dreams! I still love reading murder mysteries and psychological thrillers.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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