A book review

This is a splendid murder mystery that’s absolutely thrilling to the core. Every page makes you wonder what’s going to happen next. These are the signs of an excellent crime thriller. I found it very gripping and couldn’t stop reading even for a moment. Hats off to the author for a wonderful highly entertaining book.

Detective Danny Cavallo working for RCMP( Royal Canadian Mounted Police) has been recently recruited from Port Alma’ s Police Department ( Criminal Investigation Unit) for a special operation ( Operation Ladybird) to crack the cases of human trafficking, especially child abuse. He is worried because his daughter, Jaime, hasn’t texted him. It turns out that someone has kidnapped her. He is so worried that he even rejects the dinner invite from his former colleague, DC Holly Towns. DC Holly with DC Nathan Keele are knee deep involved in the murder investigations of Mark Allenby and Warren Quick. Both were shady characters and high levels of ketamine was found in their blood. Holly’s investigations lead to sexual crimes through an app called Young Cupid and vigilantes taking law into their own hands. Who is the mastermind behind these heinous crimes? Is Jaime’s kidnapping related to these murders? Will she be found alive or dead? There are plenty of twists, turns, and surprising revelations to keep you glued to this thriller. The suspense and thrill is well maintained, but hats off to DC Holly for her sensational detective skills.
I am so impressed with this book that I would consider giving it another read. Do grab this book and enjoy a great crime thriller.

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