Book review

Author Catherine Lee has penned a delightful cozy mystery. This is the kind of book that a cozy mystery lover would enjoy reading with a cup of coffee in his or her hand. It has a slow start but gains a quick momentum and there is no looking back. A fantastic book with nice and surprising twists and turns.

Addison Lake and her daughter, Olivia, have relocated their residence from Sydney to a quaint town of Getaway Bay in Queensland, Australia. Addison has bought a beach house that she is planning to convert into a B & B ( Bed and Breakfast) for tourists. Her cousin, Layla, visits her and tells them that her twin sister, Jenna, has also come back to help her take care of their ailing father, Dennis.

A tragedy strikes after Layla’s art gallery has been set afire and her twin Jenna is found dead. The cops, Detective Wilcox , and Constable Short suspect Layla for murdering her sister for financial gain and setting her studio on fire deliberately. Addison is determined to solve the case. Will she succeed in her mission? Is Layla really innocent or capable of such a heinous crime? This is an excellent book that keeps the readers guessing and there are plenty of twists to keep up the excitement. I highly recommend it for reading.

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