Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Can we call ourselves humans anymore?
We are resorting to violence to settle a score.
My eyes shed tears on seeing the images of the bodies of innocent children.
They lost their lives before they could become a responsible adult citizen.
Losing our dear ones is such a pain.
No one should witness such an unfortunate incident again.
What do we gain by bloodshed and violence? There’s a rising pile of dead bodies and an eerie silence.
Beware of the human vultures flying around in search of vulnerable prey.
Freedom to live as a good human has a heavy price to pay.
Opportunists and flatterers are waiting for their chance.
To please their masters and get rewarded, they are ready to sing and dance.
Where is the heart full of love and compassion?
People are getting slaughtered like pigs and chickens.
Is mass murder some kind of a fashion?
Humans can never boast of having intelligence.
Engaging in self-destruction doesn’t make any sense.
When will humans realize their mistakes?
The innocent lives are at stake.
Is aggression the only solution to all the problems we face?
Can’t we live peacefully in unity and grace?
Humanity is almost on the verge of its death.
Let’s try to protect it with our every breath.
Let’s learn to love, forget, and forgive.
Let’s set an example on how to live.

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