Book review

Leaf of Faith by Lisa Bouchard is a delightful paranormal cozy mystery. It has everything that a good paranormal cozy mystery needs to be read and enjoyed. Fun, friendship, strong family bonding, a concerned police detective, and a nice twist and turn to the story. The suspense has been well maintained until the end to keep the readers guessing about the culprit. What I loved the most about this book is the ideology that it promotes: witchcraft, or the art of magic should never be misused for hurting others or getting revenge but help the people in distress. Another thing worth appreciating is the close family bonding.

Isabella Proctor is a twenty-one-year old witch working as an apprentice for Trina Bassett, as an apprentice in Portsmouth Apothecary, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She notices her boss dealing with Mrs. Williams, a pain-in-the- neck customer. Trina is not her usual self. Isabella also overhears a threatening phone call to Trina who shrugs it off as if nothing happened. Isabella can’t ignore the dreadful feeling of a disaster waiting to strike.

Her fear turns out to materialize as she stumbles upon Trina’s dead body and the entire apothecary and the greenhouse being vandalized. To add to her woes, someone had sent poisonous tea to her grandma that made her sick. Are these two incidents related? Detective Palmer questions Isabella as a suspect. Will she be able to prove her innocence? Has someone discovered the existence of witches and started executing them? Why was Trina killed? Are there going to be more dead bodies? I highly recommend this gripping and very enjoyable paranormal cozy mystery for reading.

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