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Here we meet again. Shall we visit some of our gorgeous avian friends? They never cease to amaze us with their resplendent colors, their cute looks, and their unique styles.

Justice for Cecil the lion. ( Facebook).

The grey crowned crane (Balearica regulorum).

This beautiful bird is found in eastern and Southern Africa and is the national bird of Uganda. It is also called as African crowned cranegolden crested cranegolden-crowned craneEast African craneEast African crowned craneAfrican CraneEastern crowned craneSouth African craneCrested crane and belongs to the crane family, Gruidae. It measures 1 m (3.3 ft) in height, and weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs), and has a wingspan of 2 m (6.5 ft).  They are omnivores and feed on plants, seeds, grain, insectsfrogswormssnakes, small fish and the eggs of aquatic animals. ( Information source : Wikipedia)

Justice for Cecil The Lion ( Facebook)

The  lilac-breasted roller.
The lilac-breasted roller belongs to the Roller birds family( Coraciidae) and found in Sub-Saharan Africa to Arabian peninsula. They are mainly found in Kenya. They weigh around 104 grams, and their average length is 36 to 38 centimeters (inclusive of the tail streamer of 8 to 9 cm). Their wingspan may measure upto 50-58 cms. Their diet consists of ground-dwelling insects, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and millipedes, snails, and a variety of small vertebrates, including small birds, slow-moving lizards, chameleons and snakes. ( Information source : Wikipedia)

Justice for Cecil the Lion ( Facebook)

The angel winged roseate spoonbill.

The angel winged roseate spoonbill is a gorgeous wading bird belonging to the family of ibis and spoonbill Threskiornithidae. It is found in North and South America. It measures 71–86 cm (28–34 in) in length, with a 120–133 cm (47–52 in) wingspan and weighs1.2–1.8 kg (2.6–4.0 lb).
A special feature of this bird is its color ranging from pale pink to bright magenta depending on its age and can fly with their outstretched neck unlike herons. Their main diet usually consists of crustaceansaquatic insects, frogs, newts and very small fish.

( Information source : Wikipedia)

The green honeycreeper ( male) Wikipedia
The green honeycreeper ( female) Wikipedia

The green honeycreeper.

This beautiful bird has its habitat from Southern Mexico to Brazil and Trinidad. It comes from the family of a tanager and the only surviving member of the genus Chlorophanes.
It measures 13–14 cm (5.1–5.5 in) in length and weighs 14 to 23 grams (0.49 to 0.81 oz), averaging about 19 grams (0.67 oz). The male bird is blue-tinged green with a black head and a mostly bright yellow bill whereas the female is completely green ( grass green shade paler at throat). She doesn’t have the black head or a colorful yellow bill unlike the male. Their primary diet consists of nectar, fruits and seeds and consume less of insects.

( Information source : Wikipedia)

The Azure tit ( Wikipedia)

The azure tit.

The Azure Tit is primarily found in temperate and subarctic deciduous or mixed woodlands, scrub and marshes of Russia and Central Asia and northwest China, Manchuria and Pakistan. Unlike some birds, this species doesn’t migrate. It builds its nest in a tree hole and can lay upto 10 eggs. It measures upto 12-13 cms and has white colored head, tail corners, wing bars and underparts. It comes from the family of Paridae.

Its Eurasian counterpart is blue in color. It feeds on insects, seeds, small invertebrates, larvae of bugs, and eggs.

( Information source : Wikipedia)

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