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Pouting lips that look like a pig, (selfie)
Trying to upload a video of a gig.
Alas! The internet is moving at a snail’s pace.
Wi-Fi and Broadband have seen better days.
I am searching for a recipe that I mean to try.
“No,” pleads my family,” We don’t want to die.”
I read all the recommendations on a WhatsApp group.
I am horrified by the diet suggestions! I can’t survive on a soup.
Google has the answers to almost everything.
Starmaker app promotes new talents who sing.
Music is an art and not everybody’s cup of tea.
My voice now sounds like a cat to be drowned in the sea.
My partner says, “Please do me a favor and stop dabbling with the internet.”
People may chase you with sticks and stones. You may need to hire a jet.”
I gave up my singing for a noble cause.
When I announced my decision, my family gave me applause.
I tried my hand at painting and drew a line or two.
“Momma,” asked my daughter, “Is that a monkey waiting to go to the loo? “
Why does my brain act insane?
Why should I jump into the social media frenzy in vain?
I feel as if I am a kid jumping with joy over the likes in my post.
It’s making new friends that I enjoy the most.
Thank you, dear friends, for going through my creativity.
An idle brain is always on the lookout for an activity.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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