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This is one of the most brilliantly written crime thrillers. It’s absolutely outstanding and I am madly in love with this book. It had me completely hooked right from the beginning until the end. I was actually sorry to see it end. It’s so gripping that you can’t afford to put it down. It is actually like watching a thrilling Hollywood blockbuster. I am already raving about it like a crazy fan. Author Gerald Verner deserves a standing ovation for his efforts.

The story begins with Norris Jordan, a reporter with an English daily, knocking at the door of Peter Clayton, his former colleague. He is panting for breath and tells Peter about the dangerous life threatening situation,he is in. He has managed to uncover a sinister political plot by criminal masterminds that would not only bring down Great Britain but also the whole world at large. He also tells him that he had compiled notes divided into seven sections and sent to seven friends. He thrusts a piece of paper with a rhyme as a clue and asks Peter to visit Mr. Green, of Green and Hinton, Clifford’s Inn, in case, he gets killed. No sooner does he hand over the vital clue, then there is a sudden gun firing from the mobsters who are on Norris’s trail. Before dying, Norris tells him about Dene of the Secret Service.

The assailants are now wary of Peter and they are hot on his trail but he manages to escape.
Somehow, he visits Mr. Green’s office but is shocked to learn from the clerk that Green had died. Peter knows that the seven clues must be unearthed before they fall into wrong hands. He thinks of Dene and visits British Secret Services to meet Michael Dene and brief him about Jordan’s death and the ultimate threat to Great Britain’s sovereignity. What transpires next will simply knock you off from your seats! Can Peter trust Dene with the task? Can he foil the attempt to ruin his country? There are so many twists and turns in every page that you certainly can’t predict what will happen next. Discovering and deciphering those seven clues is the key to stop a very serious organized crime. Very exciting and a super interesting book. Highly recommended for reading by all the mystery lovers.

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