A Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books in the series. They are absolutely fantastic. The characters are so adorable that one can’t help but fall in love. Allison Treadwell aka Allie a food blogger cum a restaurant reviewer for The Lanai Gazette also turns out to be a brilliant detective and is always honest with her reviews. I also loved her best friend Kate McAllister, an investigative reporter for a local news television. What I loved the most about this entire series is the strong family bonding.

The element of thrill is well maintained until the end.

Book One

The Salty Taste of Murder.

Allison Treadwell aka Allie is a food blogger cum a restaurant reviewer for the Lanai Gazette, the local newspaper of Lanai, Georgia. She visits the restaurant, The Southern Depot, with her best friend, Kate McAllister, for submitting her review. It’s owned by her former school friend, Jessica Hayes and her husband, Miller Hayes. She was once friends with Jessica but took it very hard when her crush in school, Jeff Olsen, chose Jessica instead of her.

The food isn’t upto the mark. So, she gives her honest review with a two-forks ratings. Little does she realize that Jessica would be dead the next day and she would also be considered a suspect after her poor review and her past history with Jessica. What follows next is absolutely thrilling! It’s like watching an action thriller and some fabulous twists to keep you craving for me. Awesome read!

Book 2

A Choice Cocktail of Death.

Kate McAllister arranges for a double date with Allie to a murder mystery dinner party thrown by George Wilson. Marcus and Luke are their dates. The party is going great with Allie’s cousin Melanie also present to grace the occasion with her date Jack. Allie notices George getting sick and when the excitement of a staged murder mystery comes up, George Wilson is dead. Who killed him and why? Will Allie put in her detective cap or let her Detective Friend Javier Portillo solve the case? There is never a dull moment in this book. It’s fascinating with too many twists.

Book 3

A Juicy Morsel of Jealousy

Allie visits Mossy Oaks Retirement Village to see her grandma. She is stunned to find a police vehicle and an ambulance. She is relieved to know that her grandma is alive. In fact, a senior citizen, Melvin Fleming, has been found dead by Dot, one of Allie’s grandma Evelyn’s friends. It appears that he passed away in sleep. Allie finds some stunning revelations that several twists in the tale. This book is full of surprises and the climax is too good.

Highly recommended for cozy mysteries lovers. I was supposed to publish this review yesterday but due to time constraint I am doing it now. Don’t worry folks! I will be presenting Short Stories Friday and you can enjoy reading Grace and her witchy adventures in a few hours.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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