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It’s time to meet our gorgeous, multi-colored feathered friends.

National Geographic ( Facebook) and (Sheroes)

Indian Roller Bird

The Indian Roller Bird belongs to the family of Coraciidae. It’s 30–34 cm (12–13 in) long with a wingspan of 65–74 cm (26–29 in) and weighs 166–176 g (5.9–6.2 oz). It can be found in West Asia upto the Indian Subcontinent. A Roller Bird is the state bird of  three Indian States, Karnataka, Odisha and Haryana. It feeds on insects like beetles and the female species lays 3-5 eggs in a crevice using a thin layer of feathers or a straw.
(Source : Wikipedia)

Olive-backed Or Yellow bellied Sunbird.

The olive backed or the yellow bellied Sunbird comes from the species of Cinnyris jugularis. It measures 12 cm (4.7 in) in length. Both the male and the female birds have yellow colored bellies and backs are olive. They are found from Southern China and Southeast Asia to Queensland in Australia and Solomon Islands. They mostly feed on nectar and sometimes insects while feeding the young ones. There are several colorful species of the sunbird like the orange breasted sunbird, Humlot’s Sunbird Hoffman’s Sunbird and so on.

National Geographic ( Facebook) and ( Sheroes)

This is another multi-colored Sunbird.

(Source : Wikipedia)

Violet Backed Starling

Justice for Cecil the lion ( Facebook) Male Starling
Female Starling ( Wikipedia)

The violet-backed starling is also called an amethyst or a plum-colored Starling. It’s the male that’s violet colored with a pure white belly while the female is brown with a thrush-like appearance, with a boldly-streaked upper parts and white, heavily-streaked underparts. Both the male and female have black bills and legs with yellow irises. It is found in Sub Saharan Africa except the Congo Basin. It’s also found in Chyulu Hills, Kenya. It feeds on fruits, seeds, and arthropods.

( Source : Wikipedia)

Long-tailed broadbill

Justice for Cecil the Lion ( Facebook)

The long-tailed broadbill is a gorgeous bird, measuring 25 cm (10 inches) in length and weighing between 50 and 60 grams. It has a shrill call and can be found in the Himalayas, through Northeastern India to Southeast Asia. It belongs to the species ‘Psarisomus dalhousiae’.
It is primarily a forest bird feeding on insects. It’s very sociable in nature and travels in groups except for the mating season. It builds a unique pear shaped nest in the trees.

Red Brazilian Tanager

Justice for Cecil the Lion ( Facebook) Red Brazilian Tanager ( Male)
Wikipedia. Brazilian Tanager ( Female)

This beautiful bird is found exclusively in Eastern Brazil to northeastern Argentina and comes from the species of Ramphocelus bresilius. As it happens in the case of birds, it’s only the male having the attractive red color with black wings and a black tail. The female has a grey-brown body with a brown-red belly and breast. It measures 18 cm (7.1 in) in length and weighs 28–35.5 g (0.99–1.25 oz). It feeds on fruits, seeds and insects. The female lays two to three greenish-blue, black-spotted eggs on a cup shaped nest hidden among the foliage.
( Source: Wikipedia)

The yellow-eyed penguin

Justice for Cecil the Lion ( Facebook)

The yellow-eyed penguin also referred to as hoiho or tarakaka is a species of penguins found only in New Zealand. It is a descendant of Megadyptes antipodes.It’s a piscivore ( a carnivore feeding mainly on fish). Theyellow-eyed penguin has pale yellow feathers around its eyes and encircling the back of its head. Its height is 62–79 centimetres (24–31 in) tall and weight is 3–8.5 kilograms (6.6–18.7 lb). A unique feature of this penguin is it loses its weight of around 3-4 kilograms after moulting ( Shedding its feathers). Their average lifespan may be upto 20 years with the male outliving the female causing a  sex ratio  2:1 around the age of 10–12 years.
( Source: Wikipedia).

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