A Book Review

This is a fabulous cozy mystery. It has everything that one expects from a good cozy mystery. It’s humorous, adorable, cute, and Zora’s adventures with her pet poodle, Rocco, keeps you in splits. The element of suspense is well maintained until the end. What I adored about this book is Zora’s close friendship with her trusted employees, Barbara Stevens, her production manager at the Williamsport Whistle newspaper, her reporters, Brady Kozak, and Olivia Park and her best friend, Marley Frey. Zora is a superb sport and takes all the friendly teasing in her stride. Though, she is 50, she has the bubbling energy and enthusiasm of a teenager. I find this series a fresh breath of life. It may involve murders but it doesn’t look too gory or gruesome. It makes a delightful read.

Zora Flynn, 50, the proud owner of Williamsport Whistle, the local newspaper of Williamsport, goes for a morning walk with her pet poodle, Rocco. She visits the construction site of King William Mews Condos where she has bought one condo. Her pet poodle scampers off in the direction of the construction site. She chases after him and accidentally discovers the dead body of Carlton Minor, a rogue bylaw officer, also handling the inspection of buildings as the current building inspector, Grace Katz is on maternity leave.

She and her team consisting of reporters, Brady Kozak, and Olivia Park get on to the business of solving the case with the occasional assistance from Arni Korhonen, the Police Chief. While she is covering an article on landscaping for the client Granite Shores Landscaping, She happens to witness another dead body. The victim is Robert D’Angelo and his body has discovered by Eric Korhonen, Arni’s son. What’s happening to her quaint town? Who’s behind the gruesome murders?

There are stunning revelations and plenty of twists and turns. It just gets better and better with every page. It won’t let you down on the humor quotient. Highly recommended for reading by cozy mystery lovers.

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