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All the books in this series are very thrilling. It’s an action packed suspense bonanza with plenty of twists and turns that would keep your eyes glued to the book. Maddie Ives has so many tricks up her sleeves to force a confession out of the criminal or nab a culprit that I find her a splendid detective with a sharp   brain. She lends an excellent support to DI Harry in all the cases. Kudos to the author for her brilliant work.

Book 1

He is watching you.
A psychotic killer is enroute the Historic Castle,
in Dover, UK. He reaches a deserted area and spots a dilapidated barn near Leonard’s Farm and dumps a plastic sheet containing the body of a woman. A stranger, Ron Beasle notices him acting suspiciously and questions him. Later, he is found dead because a car ran over and dragged him to some distance. DI Harry Blaker leads the investigation with inputs from another cop, Vince Arnold.

DS Maddie Ives has made an error as an undercover cop in Manchester that leads to her transfer to Lennockshire Police Force in Canterbury. She assists DI Harry Blaker in the investigation of mysterious disappearances of women, some of whose dead bodies, they uncover. Their investigation lead into believing that the murder of Ron Beasle had a connection to the discoveries of dead women. A couple of women also go missing. Lorraine Humphries and Lisa Simpkiss are the latest victims of kidnapping by a monster. Will DI Blaker and DS Maddie Ives rescue them before it’s too late? It’s spine chilling action thriller with so many twists and turns that you can’t put this book down.
Book 2
He will kill you
The story begins with a couple Scott and Christin Lang having a minor tussle before Christin leaves with her son Ethan to drop him at her mother’s place. When she reaches Roundhill Tunnels, she finds a man acting suspiciously. She is about to question him and then there are two explosions.
DS Maddie Ives is working on a series of burglaries and traces the stolen goods to Barry who reveals that Toby Routledge had sold the goods to him. He is arrested and taken into custody. He wants to be kept imprisoned fearing for his life. Someone else is responsible for his involvement in a sinister activity.

Meanwhile, Grace Hughes, is a victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend, Craig. Her neighbor had complained to the cops about his domestic violence and unruly behavior. Grace refuses to file any complaint against Craig out of fear. She writes a secret letter to Maddie Ives in her diary, who also helps the victims of domestic violence. Will she escape or survive Craig’s physical abuse?
In another case, Frank Dolton, a wealthy businessman, and an aspirant for becoming the county’s independent police commissioner, is fooled by a con woman on Facebook going by the name, Alexa, for indecent exposure and starts blackmailing him unless he paid money.
Then, follows, a series of gruesome murders and an explosion. Who is behind these gory bloodshed and what does he/ she want? Can DI Harry Blake and DS Maddie Ives catch the dangerous murderous criminal? This is one of the most fabulous edge-of-the seat thriller.

Book 3
He will find you.
Diane Cummings and her husband, John, find a boy whose clothes are stained with blood. They call the cops and DS Maddie Ives visits the location Dane John Gardens where she finds the poor boy who is too scared to speak. Maddie uses sign language to confirm that the blood on his clothes was of his father and that he had died.
Jack Knight working as a part time employee in a super market gets involved in a wrong sort of  organization that encourages crime as a game and entrust its members with dangerous tasks including murder. Jack has been aligned a partner with whom he has to play a dangerous game. The partner happens to murder someone as Jack unwillingly becomes his accomplice. The police find out that the deceased was Jarod Logan, a petty criminal, also a member of a deadly organization to whom Jack Knight belongs.
DI Harry Blaker is meeting with his daughter Melissa, to convey the bad news of her mother’s killer, Daniel Wootan,  being let out on parole. Maddie finds him sullen and quite withdrawn.
But fate has something else going on as Daniel is also found dead and Jack and his girlfriend, Alyssa Mills, go missing. Will the bodies pile up? Who is behind these gruesome murders? Is there any leader of the organization holding deadly games? Will Harry and Maddie be able to avert a disaster as another cop and Maddie’s friend, Rhiannon Davies of CID is also kidnapped? Wow. I kept chewing my nails in fear over the fate of the missing people. Definitely a must read.

Book 4
He knows your secrets.
A young woman forces a taxi driver to topple
his cab over the cliff and drop 600 ft down to their deaths. There is an eyewitness, Margaret Thoroughgood, who saw the driver but hadn’t seen a woman.

Kelly Dale, a sex worker, has just lost her mother and wants to quit the disgusting profession. She checks her mobile and is shocked to receive a message from her girlfriend, Holly Maguire. She immediately realizes the hidden meaning of the message and happens to visit the crime scene where the bodies are retrieved. She notices a cop observing her but flees from the place.
Maddie Ives has another case requiring her attention but she’s intrigued by the murder-suicide pact and works with DI Harry Blaker. Meanwhile, a young girl of sixteen, Libby Battle, comes home bruised while her boyfriend is admitted in a hospital. Detective Rhiannon pays a visit to Libby for making inquiries but Libby is tight lipped. She has been scared to silence by someone who also threatens Kelly with dire consequences if she approached cops or quit her jobs. The madam, who runs the brothel, Marlie, is also found dead. Her corpse is in a dreadful condition.

Can Kelly save herself and Libby from a miserable similar fate? The criminal is wily and leaves no clue behind. He has been caught several times but goes scot-free due to lack of evidence. Will Maddie and Harry put him behind bars or will there be more dead bodies?
This is one of the best crime thrillers, full of twists, turns and the narration is gripping.

Highly recommended for reading.

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