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Today, I wish to share my traumatic experience when I was in my teens. It compelled me to write a poem and express my anguish over crazy perverts who don’t differentiate between any gender. Not only girls but also young boys are preys of these sick predators. When I was in Nagpur, a neighbor of mine was sick to the core. He tried to make advances towards me and my brother as well. Fed up with his misdemeanor, my uncle threatened him with dire consequences, if he set his foot in our house. He stopped fooling around but my family moved on to another location.

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A little angel entered this world,
Bringing us happiness and Joy
My little angel is my daughter,
A daughter is as good as a boy. My day begins with her smile.

I forget my worries for a while.
Her nonstop chattering is music to my ear.
When I think of her future I am gripped by fear.
Why do we teach only our daughters how to behave in society?
Why don’t we tell our sons that women are not their property?
Why do we crave for sons when daughters are just as good?
Ask the value of a daughter to a childless couple longing for parenthood.
Discipline is a must for everyone.
Be it daughter or a son.
Women are humans too,
They have a right to live in dignity. I request the patriarchal society
To show some humanity.
Towards the poor and distressed
Towards women and children.
Towards all birds and animals and trees.
Towards all the countrymen.

I have been telling my daughter how to avoid talking to strangers and not let anyone touch her inappropriately. It’s applicable to little boys as well because pedophiles are sick.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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