Hi Friends,

Hope you are having a great time. After a romantic day, it’s time to share smiles and laugh for a while because laughter is the best medicine.

I found these amazing jokes through Pinterest and shared them on Sheroes as well because I love to make people laugh.

Pic : Pinterest. The poor lady didn’t know that WTF meant something else as well. 😂😂
Through Sheroes and forwarded from WhatsApp . That’s confusing, isn’t it? 😃😃
This is the funniest address. Pic: Instagram Jokes ( Sheroes)
Pinterest ( Sheroes)

I will translate this one.

Girl: When you accidentally spill tea on your shirt, What do you call it?

Boy: I don’t know

Girl: A T-shirt😂😂😂😂

Pinterest ( Sheroes)

Mom: Always Drink milk because it sharpens your brain.

Child : In that case, a Buffalo’s calf would have been a scientist.

Sheroes ( WhatsApp)
Pic : Instagram ( Sheroes)

It translates to:

Now who is spreading the rumor that BF means Black Fungus ( Instead of Boy Friend). 😃😃

Let’s see what happens if we make errors in punctuation.

Pinterest ( Grammarly)
Daily Writing Tips ( Pinterest)
Pinterest. Funny but true.

I hope you had a hearty laugh.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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