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Come, Valentine’s Day! Love’s in the air.
Little Hearts are fluttering everywhere.
“Darling, you are my world!” some texts may say.
But the world keeps changing every day.

The innocent love begins with a beautiful rose.
It then moves on to propose.
A Rose might be beautiful, but it has thorns that prick.
Don’t make promises that you can’t stick.

Bend on knees and exchange rings.
Then quarrel over petty things.
Infatuation, crush, and lust are not true love.
These are like a match stick to a gas stove.

Your love should not come with an expiry date.
Break up after Valentine’s Day, and curse your fate.
Love for your partner should be unconditional.
Your love declaration should not be sensational.

The relationship should flourish on mutual trust and understanding.
Or else, it might resemble an aircraft that took off but had a crash landing.
Don’t judge love by costly gifts and expensive dates.
The couple embracing each other for their flaws are the perfect soul mates.

Beware of the opportunists loving you only for your purse.
They might cause wounds that will take time to nurse.
Your heart should be more beautiful than your face.
If someone lusts after you only for your looks, it’s better to part ways.

Pure love is more precious than gold.
It’s not an asset to be bought or sold.
Pure love is indestructible and not bound by time.
It will exist even after the death bells chime.

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