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They slog all their lives for the sake of their children,
Yet in their old age, they become an unwanted burden.
The ungrateful kids dump them in the home for the aged.
The poor parents live like a pair of birds caged.
Why do the children forget those hands that fed them?
The parents are the roots in the tree of life and they a stem.
How can they treat them like a piece of garbage?
Shouldn’t we take care of our parents in their old age?
Our father held our fingers while we learned to walk.
He took great pride in our gibberish talk.
Our mother brought us up with love and care,
Deserting our parents at this age is unfair.
Why do we forget that we will be old?
The love of our parents’ can’t be bought or sold.
Let us be their walking stick until their last breath.
Their souls would continue to bless us even after their death.

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