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This book is an excellent fusion of humor, thrill, suspense and adventure. I found it fascinating and charming. It’s basically an adventure at Ocean. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. There is fun, thrill and plenty of adventure that makes it a page Turner.

The story begins with a glimpse into history. The Location is set at West Coast of New Spain in 1600. Gómez Pérez Comacho, the owner of the ship, San Carlos is undertaking a perilous expedition from Manila, Philippines to Acapulco in Mexico. The ship is infested with rats and Comacho’s wife, Isabel, is sick and later on dies. Comacho, his children, and his chief jewelry designer, Yee get stranded on an island as they watch their ship, San Carlos, go down.
Coming back to the present, Hetta Coffey and her friend, Jan Sims, are going through the email sent by Hetta’s boyfriend, Jenks about their upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. She is upset over a change in their plans because Jenks and his brother, Lars, ( Her friend Jan’s boyfriend) have a project scheduled in Kuwait. Hetta is a civil engineer working from her boat, Raymond Johnson, on various projects as a freelancer in the San Francisco Bay.

Her friend, Allison’s husband, Fidel Wontrobski aka Trob has a short term project for her. She has to work for a Japanese incorporate, Tanuki Maru for a marine project that requires her expertise. She has to go to Magdalena Bay in Mexico to oversee the project. While her business dealing is going on, a weird mystery lands at her doorsteps. A dead body is discovered in the anchor of her boat. The deceased is Lonnie Jones and Detective Norquist questions her. To add to her woes, she receives threatening messages to drop the Magdalena or Mag Bay project.

In spite of these hurdles, Hetta and Jan resume their journey with their newfound captain, Captain Fabio, a Mexican, recommended by Trob. They have a surprise visitor in the form of a whale when they reach Punta Abreojos in Mexico. The whale keeps chasing them forcing Hetta to call the Marine Biologist and an expert on whales, Dr. Brigido, aka, Chino, Yee. He also joins the crew in their expedition.
Their journey becomes dangerous after getting caught in hurricanes, unprovoked attacks from goons, and threatening calls to Hetta and Jan. The project is not so simple after all. There is something sinister going on. Will Hetta and her friends cum crew members survive this journey? There are plenty of twists and turns and revelations that make this adventure even more thrilling.
Definitely worth reading. Congratulations to the author for her outstanding efforts.

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