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What if there were no books?
Knowledge would have died.
What if there were no eyes to appreciate good looks?
There would be no tears. No one would have cried.

What if there was no tongue to taste or to speak?
What if we lacked our appetite? Would we become weak?
What if there was no music? How could we hear a melodious song?
What if we didn’t have our elders to point out what’s right or wrong?

Imagine the plight of children, if there were no fairy tales or folklores?
What if there were no helping hands to assist with our household chores?
What if there were no mountains, forests, or beaches? Where would the tourists go?
What would Mother Earth look like if there were no flora or fauna to show?

Let me divert my train of thoughts to another direction.
And imagine what it would be like to live in a world of perfection.
What if there was no ego? There wouldn’t be a fight.
What if people stopped being hungry for power? There would not be a show of might.

What if there was no anger or jealousy? There wouldn’t be a place for violence.
What if there was no hatred? There would be peace and silence.
What if the acts of terrorism vanished? There wouldn’t be any bloodshed.
Love would spread its wings everywhere, and the earth would stop seeing red.

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