Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Sometimes you are as sweet as a cake.
You are powerful enough to make or break.
You do keep changing every hour.
One moment bitter and the other moment sour.

You are soft and gentle but can be rough.
Gauging your inner qualities is tough.
You are silent at times and can also be chatty.
Your tone varies from mild to snappy.

You speak words both good and bad.
You may make people happy or sad.
Sometimes you inflict wounds or heal.
You can ruin or seal a deal.

You represent emotions and varying moods.
You have the skill and ability to deliver the goods.
It’s always advisable that you observe silence.
To prevent misunderstanding and moments of violence.

You are the symbol of paradox in this world.
You maintain secrecy or have it unfurled.
You can make either a foe or friend.
Your hurtful words take time to mend.

Your existence in this world is mandatory.
Though you are well known for being contradictory.
You are as important as the heart and the lungs.
Yes, I am talking about human tongues.

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