A book review


Author Leighann Dobbs has created a brilliant masterpiece with this series. I have added another author to my evergrowing list of the favorite ones.

This series is all about a cute and sweet baker, Lexy Baker who has opened her own bakery, ‘ The Cup and Cake’ with the help of her best friend, Cassie in Brook Ridge Falls, a quaint town in New England, USA. Her grandma has left her house to Lexy and moved on to Brook Ridge Retirement Community Center to join her friends, Ida, Ruth, and Helen. They might be old but still are a force to reckon with. These ladies have formed a ‘ Ladies Detective Club’ to solve mysteries without leaving their residence and have surprisingly caught on to the latest technology. Each of them use an IPad and help Lexy to solve cases. This fabulous series also includes a cute canine called Sprinkles. Of course, she is Lexy’s pet. It’s absolutely a delightful read in spite of murders being involved.

Killer Cupcakes ( Book one)

Lexy Baker has just moved to her grandma Mona, whom she calls Nans’ house in Brook Ridge Falls. Her pet, Sprinkles, wriggles through a hole in the fence to her neighbor’s house to do the doggy business. She is thoroughly alarmed and follows her with a cover to collect the dog poop. She happens to meet her new neighbor, Jack Perillo, in whose house, Sprinkles had entered. He is very handsome and Lexy starts fancying him, a feeling reciprocated by him as well.

Unfortunately, her crush, Jack Perillo, happens to be a detective in BRPD ( Brook Ridge Police Department) and walks in to her bakery next day to inform Lexy about the death of her ex-boyfriend Kevin. She is the prime suspect because of the cause of the death is poisoning by her signature cupcakes top, on which Kevin was found face down. There are stilleto marks outside Kevin’s house which are similar to her footwear.

Lexy is in big trouble. What will she do now? There are superb twists fused with delightful humor. Loved it.

Dying for Danish ( Book 2)

Lexy Baker gets a big catering order for her famous cupcakes and pastries for Xavier Toliver’s wedding, who is a wealthy resident of Brook Ridge Falls. She stumbles upon the body of Chastine Johnson , who was the fiancee of Mr. Xavier. She has been stabbed to death but the murder weapon is missing. Lexy is shocked and the detective in charge of the investigation, Jack, tries to comfort her. To add to her misery, she learns that the murder weapon was a 7-inch serrated knife that she had unknowingly left behind. Xavier has two sons, Bronson and Blake, who have given the police their version of alibis. There are plenty of suspects having the means, motive and opportunity for murder. Amazing book. Too irresistible to put down because of unexpected twists and turns.

Murder, Money, and Marzipan ( Book 3)

Lexy Baker is participating in a big contest for bakery, ‘ Bakery Battles’, held in Las Vegas with a whopping prize money of $100, 000. Her best friend, Cassie, is also on the show for assistance and her grandma, Nans ( Mona) too accompanied her. Lexy is upset over the snide remark of one of the judges, Amanda Scott-Saunders over her marzipan. She expresses her anguish by saying it would be better if Amanda was out of the contest which is overheard by her competitor, Aurea Pearce.

Her timing could not be worse because she discovers Amanda’s dead body while taking her marzipan to the freezer for cooling. To make the matters worse, her apron with her initials LB, is found to be the murder weapon. Detectives Nik Stone and Jake Ryan are in her hot pursuit, waiting for her to make a mistake and get caught. Her competitor, Aurea, also repeated her exact comments to the detectives. Lexy doesn’t have her boyfriend detective Jack at her side. She is in deep trouble again. There are so many surprises that it adds thrill to the story. Awesome book.

3 bodies and a Biscotti ( Book 4)

Nans and her friends, Ida, Helen, and Ruth seek Lexy’s help to investigate the mysterious deaths of the senior citizens like Bertram Glumm, Mavis Sanders and Mr. Turco in the nursing home of their Brook Ridge Retirement Community Center. Two of these deaths appeared to be natural while Turco met with a violent end. Who is targeting the Senior Citizens and why? Can Lexy and her boyfriend Jack protect Nans and her friends and other senior citizens before it’s too late?

Wow! All the books are highly enjoyable. I highly recommend it for all cozy mystery lovers.

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