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Hi Friends,

I have come up with a paranormal adventure series featuring Grace Royce, a powerful witch, living in Australia. This is the first part of the series that I would be publishing every Friday. Catch Grace in her thrilling adventures.

Chapter One

A witch’s intuition

Grace Royce lived in Melbourne and worked for a company promoting Tourism. She was 28 and single. Her job as a tour operator kept her quite busy. However, she had started having weird recurring dreams of a crime. She wasn’t sure whether it had already been committed, or was about to happen.

One day she received an invitation for an Indian wedding from her colleague and good friend, Sharmila Gupta.

She wanted to visit India, and Sharmila’s wedding provided a good reason to realize her dreams. Sharmila’s wedding venue was Balrampur, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India. Grace asked her playfully, “When are you going to introduce me to your future husband? I am dying to see your family members.” Sharmila grinned at her and showed her fiance’s picture on her smartphone Grace was shocked to see the pic because he was the same man who had appeared in her dreams. She had seen him forcing a girl to hang herself from a tree. But she didn’t voice out her opinion because Sharmila would never believe her.

The day of their departure arrived shortly. Grace pretended to be happy for her while thinking of a plan to catch Vivek red-handed.

Sharmila’s Mehndi ceremony had just concluded. Grace noticed Sharmila’s fiance lurking outside the guesthouse. He was pacing restlessly and was relieved to find his friends joining him for his criminal conspiracy.

Grace dragged Sharmila with her, carrying her smartphone. ” What are you doing?” She hissed, “My parents would be searching for me.” Grace and Sharmila saw Vivek and his friends forcing a poor girl to tie a noose around her neck. Grace had started recording everything. Vivek laughed maniacally and said, “I offered you money to get that child aborted. You have lost your chance to save your life and family reputation. How dare you try to ruin my marriage?”

Sharmila was enraged after watching the helpless girl beg for mercy. He had pretended to be a gentleman but changed into a
dreadful monster. She turned to face her friend and said, “Please call the police immediately. The number is 100. I will try to distract him. We have to save that girl.” She picked up a stone and flung at one of the guys. “Who is there?” yelled Vivek and ordered his cronies to scatter around and check for any intruder.

Meanwhile, Sharmila and Grace heard the police siren approaching them. They were relieved after watching the police rescuing the girl and handcuffing Vivek and his friends.
Sharmila and Grace came out of their hiding and showed their recording to the inspector. Vivek could not believe his eyes than him. He spluttered, ” I never expected you to follow me. I wish you hadn’t witnessed this incident.”
“Me too,” spat Sharmila, “I am grateful to Grace for saving my life. How did you know about Vivek’s deception, Grace?”

Grace told her about the recurring dreams featuring Vivek. Poor Grace! She didn’t know that she was a powerful witch having a special premonition power and the gift to avert a tragedy.

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