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I am trying to battle my inner demons.
My life continues to give me lemons.
I hope to make lemonade and move on.
Life is here one moment, and the next moment, gone.

Sometimes people dissuade me by questioning my actions.
I wish people would stop getting involved in negative interactions.
“Why do you do it?”, They ask, ” How much do you earn?”
Why is money always their primary concern?

I am tired of hearing the words of discouragement and harsh criticism.
You can’t do this because you are a woman says male chauvinism.
I remember the days when I would always think and fret.
Did I say something to make people upset?

A late realization dawned upon me.
It’s impossible to please everyone, as you can see.
Some people misinterpret charity as the brazen display of wealth.
They also label others as fitness freaks when they are just conscious of their health.

Sometimes I hate myself for being so naive.
How I wish I could be brave!
Why do I cut such a sorry figure?
I should control my emotional trigger.

No more self-sympathy or self-reproach.
I need to adopt a positive approach.
Don’t imitate others. Encourage originality.
I tell myself. Finally, I am glad to be me.

A part of my brain suggests that I should be kind and sympathize with others.
Another mocks me to stop caring when no one else bothers.

I will always tread upon the path of truth and justice.
Dwelling upon evil and negative thoughts is an act of cowardice.
I am grateful to God for the life He gave.
I will always cherish my sweet memories until my grave.

The whole world is beautiful, and so is everyone.
Every day I always find something new to learn.
I am grateful to my family and all my friends for their unconditional love and support.
They taught me how to live and love and be a good sport.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊



  1. Thank you so much, Rekhaji. That’s true. It’s a pathetic world. Unfortunately, our success is determined by the money we earn. But I never agree with this view. We are successful if we achieve our aims and ambitions.

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