A book review

I never had so much fun reading books like these. There are fabulous paranormal cozy mysteries but this one is sooo cute and real charming, filled with quirkiness, real friendship, a tinge of sadness, fun, thrill and adventure with a touch of romance. I am madly in love with this series.

Petal to the Metal. ( Book 1)
The book begins with a series of catastrophe wreaking havoc on poor Amelia Thorne, a Sales representative in a reputed publishing house working under Associate Publisher Lynette Regal. She seeks the help of her colleagues to propose her boyfriend Andrew, the video of which is uploaded by Carole. Her first humiliation comes in the form of Andrew turning his back on her after her proposal.
Lynette is furious after watching the video and fires her. Her disaster streak continues after
finding out that Andrew had kicked her out of the apartment they shared for a new girlfriend. Her Mother, Madeline Albrecht,  tells her about a house left in her name by her deceased eccentric Aunt Hazel who was, in fact, her father’s aunt in Newberry, a quaint little town which is anything but ordinary.
Amelia, who goes by the name, Mia has to stay in the house for at least twelve months before she could think of disposing it. She learns about the stipulations of claiming the inheritance,  a nice house called Red Clover from her aunt’s lawyer, Dane Fairfax, who is young and handsome. She moves into her new house, to find a cat, Ophelia, in her house. Her  new neighbors, Scarlet York, and Patrick Beaumont, introduce themselves to her.

Mia gets involved in a murder case when a dead body is discovered in her yard. Chief Tuck and Detective Fairfax regard her as the main suspect. The deceased is identified as Gladys Spencer, Her aunt Hazel’s friend. She wants to prove her innocence. Will she succeed? Initially,  I found Amelia ( Mia’s) situation pathetic but as the story progresses, there is a drastic turnaround in her character as well as the case. There is plenty of humor combined with an amazing element of suspense. 100% complete entertainer.
Life’s a birch ( Book 2)
Scarlet and Mia are in the latter’s garden trying to decide how to make progress with the overgrown weeds. It seems like the garden is having a mind of it’s own and trying to resist any outsider other than Mia to take care of it. Scarlet leaves Mia after their discussion ends. Mia senses someone watching her. She finds a shiny object gleaming in the sun and proceeds to investigate along with her cat, Ophelia. She finds two men with binoculars at the edge of the woods in her property. Mia questions them and learns that they are Albert and Ron, members of the Newberry Birdwatchers Society.
Patrick sounds frantic when he approaches Mia and tells her that a dead body has been discovered at her best friend, Scarlet’s property. Chief Tuck Sherwood and Detective Derek Fairfax are suspecting Scarlet because a Ninety-year-old witness, Nina Hargrove, claims to have seen Scarlet pushing the deceased, Bernard Simms, into the river. Mia plunges headlong into this case to clear Scarlet’s name. 
Is Scarlet really a cold-blooded murderer? Is the nonagenarian witness claim reliable? Plenty of twists and turns to keep the suspense intact.
Drive Me Daisy ( Book 3)
Mia dreads the upcoming visit of her mother, Madeline and her third husband, Jurgen Albrecht. Mia takes her parent to witness the Flower Moon Festival. She desperately strays away from her mother and step dad and meets her boyfriend, Dane. A sudden intuition strikes her and she returns to find her mother panicking and reaching out to her, only to find the cops surrounded by Chief Tuck and Derek with Jungen. He has a knife ( the murder weapon) in his hand but claims to be innocent. Mia is convinced that he is innocent but will she be successful in exonerating him from the murder charges despite the evidence implicating him? The dead body is of a woman,  Nova Harkness,who wasn’t very popular because of her nasty attitude. Who had it in for her?

This is definitely a must read series for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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