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I would love to share my thriller short story published in for a story writing contest. I hope you like it.

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As the night approached, I was shivering with fear. I was all alone in the house. My family went to visit our family deity in Kerala. I had to stay back because of my ill health. I watched television for sometime. I fixed myself a simple dinner of curd rice with mango pickle. After dinner, I called my best friend on my mobile and chatted with her. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was 10 PM. I could hear several stray dogs howling together on a moonless night. My worst fears came true after my mobile rang. My heart skipped a beat after seeing the caller ID. It was my ex-boyfriend, Vijay. 

” Hi, Darling!” he cooed in a voice that I hated. ” I know that you are alone in your house,” he continued,” I decided to give you company. I am standing outside your gate. Let me in, sweetheart. We will have great fun.” ” Why don’t you get lost?” I screamed,” I don’t need you anymore.” ” Honey, I get a hard-on every time I think of you,” he replied,” You are so old-fashioned. You never allowed me to get intimate with you. So, I was frustrated and broke up with you. Why don’t you let me play with your body? I will give you a heavenly experience in bed.” I yelled at him,” Go away, you creep. Stop bothering me. Are you dunderhead? Why don’t you understand that I don’t love you? There are plenty of sex toys available in the market. Go and play with them.” 

After ending my conversation, I switched off my phone and tried to sleep. I woke up at 5.30 AM and had my coffee. A shock awaited me in the form of a text message. Vijay’s best friend, Ashu, informed me that Vijay had passed away last night. He had committed suicide at around 9.30 PM. I could hardly breathe for a moment. I called him immediately. ” What are you saying, Ashu?” I asked him fearfully,” I hope it’s a bad joke.” ” Unfortunately, it is true,” came the reply. I thought I was still having a nightmare. Ashu advised,” Mini, I want you to pack your bags and meet me outside Hotel Tuli International. Vijay’s parents are blaming you for his death. The police may arrest you for abetment to suicide. Do as I say and hurry up.”  

I had some reservations regarding Ashu’s plans. I knew I was innocent. My intuition told me to avoid heeding to Ashu’s advice. I decided to pay a visit to Vijay’s house to offer my condolences. 

I hired a call taxi and reached his residence in no time. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Vijay alive hale and hearty. He was standing outside the gate of his apartment. He was leaning against his bike and talking to someone. I could feel my blood boil within. I saw a mango tree near his house. I tiptoed to the tree and started listening to his conversation. He was laughing aloud. 

He said,” It serves the bitch right. Poor little Mini! She is so dumb that anyone can fool her. I will make a sudden appearance in front of her. Pretend to ignore me and suppress your laughter. She will be under the impression of seeing a ghost. Offer her some drinks laced with date rape drugs. We will take turns in feasting upon her gorgeous body. She is going to pay for my humiliation. How dare she turn me down? Don’t forget to make a video. We will use it for blackmail and keep her as our mistress.” 

I recorded his plan for a gang-rape in my mobile. My best friend, Sudha’s father, was a Police Officer. I had no time to lose. I went to Jaya Nagar police station by bus. Sudha’s father, Siddharth, waved at me after I made my entry through the main gate. ” What a surprise, dear Mini!” he exclaimed,” May I know the purpose of your visit?” He ushered me in and led me towards his desk. He sent one of his constables to get two cups of tea. 

” Good morning, Uncle,” I said with a slight hesitation,” I don’t know how to bring up this topic. Let me show you my mobile.” I showed him the recording of Vijay’s sinister plan to ruin my life. The inspector raised his eyebrows and gave me a sympathetic look. 

” How did you get involved with him?” he asked with concern. I answered sheepishly,” My biggest mistake was I accepted his friendship in my college. He pretended to be a gentleman helping any damsel in distress. I fell for his charms and started spending more time with him. I just liked him as a friend. You know about boys. He thought I was in love with him. One day, he proposed to me. I accept his proposal out of fear. I have read about the spurned lovers. They would either throw acid on their girlfriends or stab them to death. He wanted to sleep with me. I resisted his advances. He was so furious that he broke up our relationship that never existed. I think he started stalking me recently.” ” What makes you think so?” he probed. I explained,” My family left for a trip a couple of days ago. I don’t have any idea as to how he found out I was alone in the house.” I told him about Vijay harassing me for sex and the drama enacted by him and Ashu.

The inspector smiled at me and said, ” I admire your presence of mind. You mustered courage and paid a visit to Vijay’s house. It is time for these rogues to learn a lesson or two. Please forward this recording to my mobile. I will make their lives miserable.” I complied with his request. 

He asked me to go to the hotel suggested by Ashu. He would accompany me, with a lady constable and a few men. We reached Hotel Tuli International. I saw Ashu pacing outside the hotel premises. He was not alone. Vijay led the team of seven members. 

The inspector dropped me outside the hotel and stayed back with his men. Ashu grumbled,” Where is that dumb bitch? I told her to leave her house, right away.” Vijay mollified him,” Calm down, dude.” I strode down the path, leading to the hotel. Vijay quickly ducked, behind a tree, to avoid confronting me. ” You are late,” complained Ashu. I offered him an apology. We occupied the central table after stepping inside.  

He droned on about Vijay’s profound love for me. I stifled a yawn with great difficulty. I saw my deceased lover approaching me with an idiotic grin. Ashu ignored his presence, so did I. Much to his chagrin, I continued to chat with Ashu. Both the idiots were disappointed with my reaction. They thought I would panic and create a scene. I added sarcastically,” I am surprised, Ashu. This hotel is fully air-conditioned. Yet, I can see mosquitoes hovering around me.” Vijay glared at me. He restrained himself from strangling me. Ashu called a waiter and ordered some drinks. He kept on talking like a chatterbox. I wish I had my earphones with me. More than fifteen minutes had passed, but there was no sign of the waiter. I figured out Ashu’s next move. As I had anticipated, he brought the drinks himself. 

He offered me a glass of orange juice. It was time for my little act.  

Ashu received a call on his mobile. As a part of our plan, a lady constable, Arati, had called him. I poured away the tangy orange juice, into a sink. He came back shortly. I pretended to swoon in his arms. He carried me towards a suite and gently laid me on the bed. I kept my eyes closed. Someone knocked at the door. Ashu opened the door to find Vijay standing with his pant unzipped. ” She is yours, bro,” he added with a smirk,” Don’t forget to invite us for our share of the treat.” Vijay entered the room and was about to pounce upon me. Inspector Siddharth and two constables sprang a surprise on them. Ashu trembled with fear. The inspector commented,” Would you kindly explain your current action?” Vijay tried to explain,” Actually, she is a call girl, and sought our companionship. We paid her for her services.” ” Don’t give me that bullshit,” snarled the inspector, ” Call girls don’t have any necessity for sedation. You are a bunch of liars. A day or two in the police custody would be a perfect cure for you. We have taken your friends into custody. They are willing to testify against you.” He showed them the recording that I had forwarded earlier. 

Vijay was stunned by the video. ” How did you get this video?” he asked the inspector. The latter chuckled,” Why don’t you ask your ex-girlfriend?” I sat upright immediately. I said,” First of all, I would like to crown you both as the undisputed champions in stupidity. There are too many loopholes in your plan. Ashu informed me that Vijay committed suicide at 9.30 PM. However, I received a call from him at 10 PM on the same day. Ghosts do not have mobile phones. Ashu, you were foolish to convey this shocking news on the following day. Finally, you asked me to leave my house and meet you outside a hotel. I couldn’t understand the logic behind it. Instead, you should have advised me to lie low for a while or leave the town. 

Anyway, my instinct told me to visit Vijay’s house and offer my condolence. I caught him red-handed, hatching a conspiracy to ruin my life. I recorded the entire one-sided conversation. You know the rest. I hope you got all your answers.”

The police led them away in handcuffs. I smirked at their misery. The poor blokes got themselves arrested in vain. I was never interested in men. I hated them. I had a big secret buried in my heart. 

I am a lesbian. I had managed to shield my true identity until now. 

Now, it’s time to unravel the final secret. I used Vijay as a pawn to get closer to his elder sister, Sheila. We continue to share a special relationship even after five years. I called Sheila immediately after her brother’s arrest. I never expected such a response from her. She said enthusiastically,” That’s the best news I have ever heard. He deserves to languish in jail forever. He had tried to molest me several times after getting drunk. My parents always support him, even if he is wrong. Thank you so much for sending that jerk behind bars. Join me for a party tonight at 8 PM. Love you.” She disconnected the call. 

I couldn’t resist a smile after hearing her views.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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  1. Fantastic story! At first you told us it’s thriller story so I was so scared to proceed reading in the beginning of story, but wow…the ending made me a big winning smile for MiniπŸ€—πŸ‘

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