A book review

This book is simply fantastic, highly irresistible, awesome, fabulous. I could keep on ranting. The author, Cole Baxter, deserves all the appreciation for coming up with a super engaging psychological thriller. It’s a perfect edge of the seat thriller.

Laurie Whitman, a victim of domestic violence, is admitted in the hospital and slowly sinking. After a number of failed attempts to revive her,
she is declared dead. Private Investigator Blake is summoned by Detective Sam Mackendy to investigate the death of Devon Whitman in a fire tragedy at his house. The deceased is the husband of the already declared dead woman, Laurie Whitman, who suddenly comes forward to the police station after three months from the date of her death. How is it possible for a dead woman to come alive?

PI Blake begins his investigation by visiting the burned house. Other than some pieces of bones, nothing can be salvaged. Detective Sam and his partner, Anna, from the police department are already scourging the area for clues. Blake decides to visit Devon’s parents, Ellis and Shannon Whitman. Ellis is quick to blame Laurie for Devon’s death and tries to show her as a woman of loose morals instead of a victim of domestic abuse.

Laurie is slowly recovering from her agony when Devon’s death in a fire tragedy forces her to come forward to the police. Detective Sam calls her for questioning. PI Blake, a former cop, is also present during the interrogation. He is neither convinced of her guilt nor her innocence. As the case proceeds, Blake smells something fishy about Devon’s death. He believes that Laurie has been falsely accused of a crime that she never committed and even if she did, it could be justified.

The investigation takes a deadly turn when Laurie’s garage is set on fire and there is another attack on her and Blake. Who wants to kill Laurie? Is someone trying to avenge Devon’s death? What really happened to Devon? Is Laurie innocent or guilty? Do read this book to find out. There is never a single dull moment in this book. There are so many twists and unpredictable turns that it’s hard to put this book down even for a moment.The climax is completely mind blowing. I highly recommend it for reading for all the mystery lovers.

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