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19-year-old Radha Sharma attended BMS College of Women with her friends in Bengaluru. She was a commerce student. Radha’s friends admired her beauty and intelligence. Her father Ajay Sharma was a police officer posted at Jaya Nagar police station. She enjoyed going to college and had lots of fun. However, the girls had a major problem. Some boys of Men’s Engineering college bothered them. They passed lewd remarks and touched them inappropriately. 

Radha could not tolerate their indecent behavior.  

One day she called all her classmates and met them after college hours. She said, “It’s high time for us to punish those scoundrels before they cross their limits.” She discussed her plan with them. She said, “We will let them know about our intended shopping plans. I am sure those rascals will follow us. Just wait and watch my next course of action to get rid of them for a few days.” They executed their plan successfully. Radha and her friends discussed their shopping plan in front of the notorious gang. 

Next day Radha and her friends went shopping and had lunch at the mall itself. Radha glanced at her watch and sincerely prayed for the success of her plan.

Ten motorcycles screeched to halt outside the mall. It was the same gang that troubled the girls. A young guy of 22 was their leader. He wore a t-shirt and a leather jacket. He had pierced one of his ears and wore a stud. He ogled at Radha and blew her a kiss. Radha controlled her temper. She handed over her luggage to her friend, Purvi. She descended from the steps with a coy smile on her face. She approached the gang leader and gently touched his cheek. “Hi, handsome!” she said, “Are you free tonight? How silly of me! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Radha. What is your name, honey?” The boy could not believe his luck. He fell for her charms and said, “Hi! I am Rohan Kumar, son of Mr. Aditya Kumar. Would you accept me as your boyfriend?” ” Sure, I would love to. But, I find your friends to be equally charming. I can’t make up my mind about selecting one of you as my date.” His friends grinned at him. They were astonished at Radha’s flirtatious nature. 

Rohan looked at her as she licked her lips seductively. He wanted to possess her body. His friends had similar thoughts running in their mind. Rohan moved towards her to kiss her rosy lips. She stopped him and said, “I have an idea. Since I love wrestling, I want you to have wrestling bout with each other. The winner will be my date.” 

Rohan and his pals dealt heavy blows to each other. Radha and her friends had a hearty laugh. The police arrived shortly and dispersed the crowd. Rohan and his friends screamed in pain. They had several broken bones and bruises all over their bodies. Since they were sons of wealthy and influential people, the police let them off with a warning. They spent nearly 15 days in the hospital. 

Rohan was furious with himself for letting Radha fool him and his friends. He called his best friend cum crony Sahil and said, “Please forgive me, dude. That bitch deliberately instigated us against each other. I am going to make her pay for her dirty trick. Why don’t we meet at Cafe Coffee Day at 9.30 AM tomorrow?” 

Radha was wary of the trouble that lay ahead for her. She had confided in her father about Rohan and his cronies. Her father asked a constable to be undercover and follow Rohan and his friends. The constable Ramesh obeyed his command. He kept a close tab on Rohan and his gang right from their hospitalization until their discharge. He continued to follow Rohan and overheard his conversation. 

Rohan and his gang arrived promptly at 9.30 AM in Cafe Coffee Day.

Ramesh chose to sit at the table adjacent to the guys so that he could record their conversation. 

Rohan said, “A pretty damsel fooled us into an ugly brawl. We have to pay her back for her audacity. We will rape her tonight and upload her objectionable photos on the social media. She won’t be able to face anyone. She will quit going to college. We will be able to resume our favorite past time without any hindrance.” 

All of them had a hearty laugh. Ramesh wanted to thrash them. However, he finished his coffee and headed straight towards the police station. 

He informed Ajay about the impending doom. Ajay was worried because of the social status of the spoilt brat, Rohan. He would get away from the clutches of law by using his father’s influence. 

Later that evening, Radha saw her father in a sober mood which was quite unusual. When she probed him further, he told her about Rohan’s evil intention. Radha thought for a moment and laughed out aloud. Her father looked at her quizzically. Radha whispered her plan of counterattack into her father’s ears. 

He grinned at her and gave her a thumbs-up signal. There were several constables posted at Radha’s house.

Rohan and his friends entered her house. His friends waited for his signal while he gained entry into her room. He called his friend Tony to join him. He removed the blanket and forced himself upon the victim. He yelled out in pain after his genitals got stuck in a mousetrap. His eyes widened in horror as he found a dummy instead of Radha.

Radha switched on the lights after hearing his screams. Her father entered the room with a pair of handcuffs. Ajay sneered at him and said, “I hope you have learned your lesson. You are like a mouse caught in a trap.” 

Radha clicked his picture with the mousetrap clinging onto his private part. He had tears in his eyes. He spoke to her in a subdued voice. He said, “Please have mercy on me. I will never cross your path again in my entire life. Don’t upload my photos for God’s sake. I will leave this city forever.” Radha asked her father to free him from the mousetrap. Ajay and his constables arrested Rohan and his friends. They led the gang away in their jeep. 

Radha was now smiling. “Don’t mess with me,” she whispered under her breath.

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