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If I had to sum up my view on this series, I would say that it’s a complete entertainer with all the ingredients to be as popular as the TV sitcom ‘Bewitched’. Every book in this box set is absolutely thrilling, funny, magical, cute and adorable. Author Amanda M. Lee certainly knows how to keep the readers enchanted under the magical spell of her paranormal cozy mysteries like the Moonstone Bay Cozy mystery.


Hadley Hunter arrives at Moonstone Bay island to claim her inheritance from her deceased, Maternal grandmother, May Potter. She had already lost her mother Emma during childbirth. Booker, the taxicab driver, picks her up and chats with her, finally dropping her off at her intended destination. She barely has managed to settle down when she comes across a dead body in the beach. She calls 911 and the handsome Sheriff Galen Blackwood pays a visit to the crime scene. She learns from him that this was the third mysterious death in as many months. He identifies the deceased as Bonnie Wakefield, who discovered May Potter’s dead body. Another victim, Winifred Chase also died under mysterious circumstances. Hadley is stunned because she believes her grandma passed away due to cancer and didn’t suspect any foul play. Who has been targeting these helpless ladies and why? Hadley also has a mysterious visitor at night whose dead body is discovered later by the Sheriff. Meanwhile, Hadley has her fair share of excitement after she makes startling revelations. This book is absolutely fantastic.


The story begins with a brief chat between Hadley Hunter and her mermaid friend, Aurora King. They are discussing about May and the upcoming festival in Moonstone Bay.

Hadley and Galen have started dating. One day, she visits her friend Lilac with Galen to give her company in her Tiki Bar and finds two ladies, Trish Doyle and Ashley Conner, having a heated argument. Galen manages to disperse them with a warning. Later, his date with Hadley ends up in a disaster after discovering Trish Doyle’s dead body. Ashley Conner is taken into custody for lack of alibi and when Hadley visits her boyfriend in the police station, she witnesses an ugly brawl between Gus Doyle ( Trish’s father) and Henry Conner ( Ashley’s father).

Both Galen and Hadley are convinced of Ashley’s innocence but evidence points finger at her. Meanwhile, Hadley wants to learn how to use her witch powers from Selena who doesn’t impress her in their first class of magical training. Hadley decides to help Galen with his investigation to nab the real culprit. Unfortunately, there is a deadly attack on her and Gus Doyle while they are having a discussed on the beach. Gus gets killed while Hadley seems to snap out of a trance in a failed bid to save him. Who is the actual murderer? Can Hadley save herself from getting murdered?

This book is hard to put down because there are plenty of twists and drama to keep the readers intrigued.


Galen and Hadley rush to the dockyard to investigate the murder of Jacob Dorsey, whose body had been discovered at the site wearing a gruesome Tiki Mask on his face. While the medical examiners are checking the body, Hadley meets a couple on their honeymoon and introduces herself to them. The husband, Griffin Taylor, is a cop and the wife, Aisling Grimlock, a reaper. Hadley and Galen meet Casey, Jacob’s wife, who is pregnant and break the disheartening news to her. She faints upon hearing the news and is taken to the hospital.

Hadley and Galen happen to meet Griffin and his wife again over dinner and learn about the reaper business. The case becomes even more thrilling when Aisling and Hadley discover the dead body of Adam Grimport, the island’s only reaper, whose job was to suck the souls and help them cross over. They learn that Adam was dead prior to Jacob’s murder and his scepter used for soul sucking is missing. If the souls are not sucked and sent to the other world, all the hell will break loose. Will Hadley and her friends save Moonstone Bay from a potential disaster?

It’s an exciting story of absolute thrill with some fun and an adventure that you can’t forget. Highly recommended for paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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