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Hi Friends,

I have chosen two images to show the difference between our non physical assets and our real wealth. The poem follows:

The concept of an invaluable treasure is different for me.
It has nothing to do with gems, jewelry, or cash.
Let me give some examples for you to see.
It’s not something to hoard or stash.

A glass of water is an elixir of life to a parched throat.
An empty stomach craves for a morsel of food.
In winter, we yearn for the warmth of a shawl or a thick coat.
Sipping a cup of hot cocoa feels so good.

Just imagine walking in the sweltering heat of the sun.
You come across the shadow of a mango tree.
You sit underneath for a while and have fun.
And enjoy the welcome chillness for free.

While strolling down the beach in the evening,
It’s marvelous to watch the glorious sunset.
Listening and playing to the music of the waves is soothing.
One can no longer be upset.

Our family is our true wealth.
Without whom, we can hardly imagine our lives.
What we need is good health.
And obedient children, faithful and loving, husbands and wives.

Precious are the moments of success,
After a string of failures.
We realize our long-cherished dream and make progress.
For all the pain and struggle life endures.

Words of kindness and appreciation are music to our ears.
They are magical and transform a person.
Our relationship gets emotionally stronger with our near and dears.
They provide the much-needed motivation.

Love is the most important treasure.
It may assume many forms.
It’s a primary source of joy and pleasure.
We get the purest love from our dads and moms.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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