Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The beautiful, vibrant colors of this world fascinate me.
The golden yellow sunshine adds to my glee.
The red roses in the garden smile at me and captivate my heart.
The vibrant green foliage around me makes me drift apart.

The blueness of the sky and ocean often makes me wonder.
What might be lingering above the sky and beneath the oceans yonder?
Our skin complexions vary from fair, dusky, and dark.
So do the stunning colors of eyes in which true love spark.

The whiteness of the snowcapped mountains reminds me of vanilla ice cream cones.
I wish I could play with snowflakes though they might chill my bones.
I also think about the changing shades of human hair.
It starts with black, then moves on to grey and finally white. It’s not fair.

Flora and Fauna display stunning colors.
I know I could keep gazing at them for hours.
Just imagine that there were only the monochrome shades of black and white.
Oh, That would be a dreadful sight!

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