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Do join me for some mouth watering yummy Indian delicacies. Since I am a pure vegetarian, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner are vegetarian dishes. I prepare these at home but most of pictures are from where I had posted them. The images are mostly from and various Indian cooking website like Hebbar’, Subbu’ and so on. My husband has urged me to post the pictures of food that I prepare at home to a minimum.

It’s a typical South Indian Breakfast Thali consisting of idlis( the round-shaped four white ones) dosa( the light brown stuff near a banana) meduvada ( the brown item with a hole in the middle) uttappam ( mini dosa just below the vada) a milk sweet, sambar ( the brown liquid in the cup) coconut chutney ( the white liquid sprinkled with mustard) idli chutney powder ( the dry reddish brown spicy item that’s mixed with oil). There is the South Indian filter coffee in a steel tumbler.

These are methi parathas (Indian flatbread made with methi (fenugreek) leaves) with curd. You can even have pickles to go with it and a strong cup of tea. (

This is a special dish called VenPongal made from rice, lentil, black pepper, cumin seeds, cashews and plenty of ghee. It’s super yummy when consumed hot. We also eat meduvadas with it and a piping hot Sambar ( a spicy gravy with cut vegetables) in the glass bowl. ( I posted in

This is called Sabudana Khichdi made of Sago which is soaked either overnight or at least 4-5 hours before the preparation. I will share the recipe in my next blog dedicated to food. We Hindus normally eat this when we are observing a fast. Pickle is the cherished side dish.

This is called adai- avial. The item on the plate is the adai. It resembles dosa and is made from a batter consisting of all the pulses like bengal gram, Yellow split Pigeon pea ( Toor dal), rice and Urad dal ( Split & skinned black gram). We can add chopped onions if required in the batter. We evenly spread the batter on a heated frying pan with the help of a ladle and oil so that it can be easily turned using a dosa spatula. Coconut chutney is an excellent accompaniment with avial ( a gravy made from curd using all kinds of vegetables). We also eat them with jaggery pieces, butter, and idli chutney powder.
Pav Bhaji

This is more like an evening tiffin. It’s called Pav Bhaji. It consists of pav ( puffed bread) and hot spicy vegetable gravy called ( Bhaji). It’s a kind of Indian fast food in Maharashtra. Mumbai, especially, is famous for this dish. A dollop of butter on the gravy with a squeeze of lemon makes it highly delectable.

It’s the yummy puri-bhaji. The bhaji is potato curry. I love this dish. We normally have it for dinner. It can also be consumed with Chole ( a spicy gravy made of chickpeas).

This is how we serve food in South India. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We use banana or plantain leaves on which various dishes are served. Rice, papad( the one over the rice), meduvada, pickles, banana chips, Sambar, Rasam ( a kind of soup made from tomatoes and tamarind pulp) and a variety of vegetable stew is served. We also eat curd rice before finishing our lunch.

This is my click

I had prepared these dishes on the last day of The Pongal celebrations as mentioned in my earlier post. I had made lemon rice, coconut rice, curd rice, a sweet milk pudding and papads.

I hope you liked it.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊



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