A book review

This is the kind of paranormal cozy mystery that I enjoy reading. It’s absolutely delightful filled with humor, thrill, magic and excitement and compels you to continue reading until the end. Wow. It’s a perfect representation of all the human emotions.

Pepper Dunn’s life is in a mess in Nashville. The 25-year-old, Pepper, loses her job after Becky, her colleague, files a false complaint about her spitting on the food ( Pepper is a waitress). When she tries to return to her room, she notices a cat sitting in her car and tries to shoo it away.

She also notices a package containing a golden key with a Ruby fixed on the handle. She reads a note from her deceased Uncle Donovan entrusting her with a special gift. She is in for a rude shock after her roommate Sarah forcefully evicts her and gets her boyfriend to live with her. When she turns around towards her car, she is shocked to find a strange man whom she saw in her dreams. He asks her to go with him which she refuses. He launches attack on her with his magic but the cat which she saw earlier, comes to her rescue. She is stunned to find the cat speaking. The cat introduces herself as Matilda Moonpie and call her Mattie.

She tells her that she is a witch and has to go to Magnolia Cove, Alabama to claim her inheritance. The special gift happens to be a pet shop ( familiars for witches) called the Familiar Palace. She notices a strange man who introduces himself as Ebenezer, the owner of a pawn shop. Since Pepper is already confused about her identity, he tries to manipulate her into selling the shop. His attempt is thwarted by Pepper’s grandmother, Betty Craple.

Pepper meets her cousins, Carmen, Cordelia, and Amelia along with other family members whom she had never seen in a party organized for her homecoming. She also meets Axel Reign, a handsome private investigator. Pepper is desperate to give up her shop after the rumors of her uncle’s death as told by Ebenezer scares her . She makes her mind to give up the shop and go back to Nashville. Unfortunately, she sees his dead body with a knife below his ribcage. Officer Todd arrives at the crime scene to arrest her. She is rescued by her grandma and they go home. Pepper has to clear her name and find out who murdered Ebenezer.

She tries to run away from Magnolia Cove but Rufus the evil wizard springs a asty surprise on her again. Who is the evil man and what does he want from Pepper? Will she escape from his clutches and solve the murder before it’s too late? Read Pepper’s adventure with the mysterious handsome PI Axel Reign. Highly recommended for all paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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