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Just before I shed my mortal coil,
I wish to smear my forehead with this great soil.
Each grain of my Indian soil tells the story of bravery and heroism.
Every inch of my motherland will fight against terrorism.

I salute my country for nurturing us with a diet of humanity.
I salute my country that teaches us the values of kindness, compassion, and solidarity.
I salute my country that gives us freedom and reasons to live.
I salute my country that teaches us how to forgive.

I am proud of its rich cultural heritage.
Even women and children have displayed outstanding courage.
It’s gifted with knowledge and exceptional wisdom.
The brave soldiers guard the nation without fearing martyrdom.

I will continue to sing praises of its glory.
And regale my children with its heart-touching story.
To protect my fellow countrymen, I will lay down my life.
Be brave and continue to serve our country; It’s what I would tell my wife.

Don’t lose your heart even if I am gone.
As a responsible mother, raise our son.
And daughter with love, care, and discipline.
Tell them about the greatness of our country and its origin.
Teach them to accept themselves, no matter if they lose or win.
Train them on the path of virtues and avoid committing any sin.
Don’t search for me anywhere else; My residence is in your heart within.

My dear parents, I need your blessings to perform my duty.
In your feet, I seek solace and witness heavenly beauty.
Your sacrifices in raising me will never be in vain.
Had I several lives, I would sacrifice them again.
And promise to make my country proud.
Let’s all say, Jai Hind, aloud.

Jai Hind!

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