A Book Review

Third Time Fatal by Roger Ormerod is a thriller that deals with two murders and an accidental death that could have been a murder. It’s a good book but it’s not what I had initially expected.

Phillipa Lowe and her boyfriend, Oliver Simpson, an ex-policeman, are on their way to attend her special friend Heather Payne’s wedding to Martin Reade, a mechanic who owns a garage called Reade’s Rapid Repairs, at a small church in St. Asaph . The book is set in England. Martin is late to the wedding and Heather is in a nervous wreck. Phillipa learns from Olliver who has spoken to the best man, Jeff Carter, that the latter tried calling him but he didn’t respond. It sets the alarm bell ringing for Phillipa and she offers to check upon Martin at his garage with Olliver.

They discover a naked dead body of a young woman on Martin’s bed. They dread giving this bad news to Heather as her groom is in legal trouble. Phillipa goes back to the church and leaves Olliver behind to deal with the police, only to find that Martin and Heather are already married and on their way to the airport. She is astonished to find the cops arresting Martin and Heather is hysterical. Phillipa consoles her and learns from her that Martin has been arrested on the charges of bigamy.

She slowly informs her about the discovery of a dead body at Martin’s house. Heather doesn’t want to believe that Martin had cheated on her. She decides to investigate the murder case to help Heather with the help of Olliver.

There are plenty of twists and turns( mostly confusions) and descriptions that could have been avoided. The climax is good. It can be read once. I have never given this kind of a review before but to be honest I was a bit disappointed.

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