A book review

This book had completely captivated me with plenty of thrill, suspense until the climax, exciting discoveries during the investigation and a gripping climax that could challenge your nerves. Brilliant, outstanding, awesome is how I would describe it.

Sian, a teenager, gets nasty messages on her phone after her boyfriend, Aidan, commits suicide. She senses a creepy movement outside her room but before she can do anything, it’s too late.

Detective Inspector Drew Haskell gets called upon to investigate the crime scene. He discovers the dead body of Sian Jones. This is the third suicide. The first two suicide victims are Jack Whitly and Aidan Wilson. He can’t help but feel that all the three suicides are interlinked and they are cold-blooded murders by a psychopath. His Boss, Detective Chief Inspector Gregson wants him to close the case as a suicide.

He decides to follow his gut instincts and seeks the help of Dr. Harriet Quinn, a psychologist. She has her own share of tragedy as her mother tried to kill her and her brother Kyle. He died while saving her life. Harriet Quinn gets intrigued by the case files that DI Haskell shares with her. As she digs deeper, she finds the cases are more sinister in nature and feels that someone is trying to stage murders as suicides. DI Haskell upon her insistence seeks to perform another examination of Sian’s body.

And plenty of surprises, shocks, and twists lie ahead. Will there be another body? Can DI Haskell and Quinn unmask the murderer before it’s too late?

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