I have read plenty of thrillers but this one is simply outstanding and absolutely brilliant. It keeps you guessing until the very end and there is plenty of unexpected twists and turns. You won’t be able to take off your eyes from this book even for a moment. It’s an edge of the seat thriller.

The story begins with 19-year-old Hannah Woodgate going to King George’s Hall for a dance. She gets killed on her way home in Brunton( England). Her body is discovered in a van parked opposite to her house. The killer has left no clue behind to incriminate him. The CID team led by Detective Inspector Percy Peach is absolutely baffled because of lack of any kind of prints, fingerprint or footprint ( because its snowing and many people have already disturbed the crime scene.) This is the third body they have discovered and fear that it’s the handiwork of a serial killer ‘ Lancashire Leopard.’ Beware, a woman predator is on the prowl.

The first two women, a twenty-six-year-old married primary-school teacher,Judith Anderson, in Preston had been killed on her way home after visiting her ailing mother and a forty-one-year-old woman, Vicky Draper were killed in the same way with no clues and any sign of DNA. The lack of DNA or any sign of sexual assault on all the victims makes it impossible to apprehend the killer. Another lady, Sally Cartwright, dies on her way home. There is a bold serial killer on the loose.Who is the prime suspect? Why is he targeting women? Will DI Percy Peach and his team crack the case before another lady is taken and arrest the extremely dangerous serial killer? I highly recommend this book for all the mystery lovers. Wow! I couldn’t even imagine such a fantastic climax.

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