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I scrunch my nose up and down.
I smell something burning, and I frown.
I rush into my kitchen to find my vegetable gravy burned to ash.
I curse myself and throw it away in the trash.
Alas! My hard work has gone to drain.
Can you imagine the intensity of my pain?
I shudder thinking about a pair of hungry stomachs and angry eyes.
How can I come up with decent lies?
I have burned vegetables and overcooked rice.
My day in the kitchen doesn’t look nice.
How could things go wrong on a single day?
“Dear God! Help me to straighten up things,” I pray.
I remember my first attempt at making the chapatis (a flatbread).
The dough got stuck to the rolling pin instead.
Finally, after numerous attempts, I rolled the dough in the shape of a continent.
I made it and ate it; It tasted like burned leather; So much for my sentiment.
I come out of my reverie to glance at the demise of my food.
I realize there is no time to curse or brood.
Thank God! I think of ordering food from Swiggy Or Zomato.
Our lunch goes on smoothly without the fear of getting pelted with a rotten tomato.
I promise not to get distracted from the kitchen, even for a while.
Brush up my limited culinary skills and serve the food in style.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


4 thoughts on “A KITCHEN DISASTER

  1. oops a kitchen disaster by you too? I around 2 years back , tried my hands on blueberry muffins and they were (ahem ahem) kinda cool for [only] me 🙄🤐,
    but whenever I offered those muffins to anyone else ,for tasting , the only statement i got from them was ,” Ahh umm .. I’ll have those tomorrow ” or ” Oh its fine you can have them ” .

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  2. 😄😄. That’s so cute inspite of the end result. I appreciate your attempt. Yes. I had just a bad day. 😂😂. Anyway, Swiggy came to the rescue.

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