Photo by Neale LaSalle on Pexels.

Hi Friends,

This is one of the poems that I published in my Poetry E-book ‘ Bhavana My Emotions.’ This is about a person who is afraid of the night after having experienced several nightmares in a row.


The darkness of the night scares me to death.
I could visualize the grim reaper counting my every breath.
Nightmares continue to haunt me with the memories of my past.
I wonder how long will this torture last.
I keep seeing my dearest ones now in heaven.
I have my fear giving me company for all the days seven.
Sometimes, I see myself failing as a mother.
Or, Some harm has befallen upon my dear brother.
My nightmares keep me wide awake on most of the nights.
I don’t want to remember those horrifying sights.
Nights can be romantic for some people.
How I wish I could admire those couple.
Am I a freak? I often wonder.
My other adversaries are storm, lightning, and thunder.
How can I get rid of my nyctophobia?
When will I get cured of my Scarecrow mania?
Light and darkness may be rivals as well as friends.
A glorious day begins when the peaceful night ends.


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