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I have just finished reading an amazing boxed set of paranormal cozy mysteries full of spine chilling thrill with humor, quirky dialogues, magic, a bit of romance. Author K.E. O’Connor has come up with a brilliant paranormal cozy mysteries with Crypt Witch series. All the books in this boxed set are awesome. There is never dull moment.

Tempest Crypt and her family are the demon hunting witches living in a magical place called Willow Tree Falls. Tempest runs a bar for magical folks called Cloven Hoof whereas her younger sister, Aurora, runs Heaven’s Door, a magic store selling charms and herbs. The rest of her family members, Her Mom Cora, Granny Dottie, Aunt Queenie, Uncle Kenny, and Grandpa Lucius take turns in guarding the demons’ prison at their family Cemetery.

Tempest is not an ordinary witch. She has captured a demon, Frank, inside her stomach to save her sister Aurora from getting killed by the demon. Initially, she has two suitors, Axel and Rhett vying for her attention.

Book 1

Luck of the witch

Tempest Crypt has just bagged a demon, Abigar, that has drained her energy. She is shocked to find that her sister, Aurora, has been taken into questioning by Dazielle, thr chief of Angel Force ( police) for the murder of Deacon Feathers, a candidate for the upcoming Mayoral Election. Axel, a half-demon, Mannie Winters, a dwarf, Petra, the owner of Ancient Imp and Deacon’s ex-girlfriend, are the other suspects. Dazielle is just focused on obtaining a confession from Aurora, while hesitating to investigate the others. It’s upto Tempest to save her sister. Everyone has got a strong motive. There are surprising events that unfold as the story progresses. Who is the actual murderer? Will Tempest succeed in her mission? Read this book to get the answer.

Book 2

Hell of a witch.

Tempest is trying to capture a demon outside her magical hometown of Willow Tree Falls. She finally captures it and returns home to join the mid-summer solstice celebrations. Some journalists are covering the event. One of the journalists, Nick Saunders, has been found dead at the Crypt Family Cemetery. Angel Force Chief Dazielle takes Aunt Queenie for questioning. Tempest jumps into the investigation joined by her familiar Wiggles, a hell hound. During the course of investigation, she meets Suki, the Wood nymph who guards the forest and she tells her about seeing a hooded figure with Nick. He had been in search of a powerful magical ring that once belonged to his family and now missing. Tempest has to find out the killer and search for the ring before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Nick’s assistant, Jenny has been attacked. The suspicion now shifts to a fellow journalist, James Ranger, and Nick’s girlfriend, Rachel, who lies about her pregnancy. Catch Tempest in action with Wiggles to catch the culprit.

Book 3

Revenge of the witch

Tempest Crypt has unruly visitors, Dewey Lavern, her landlady Puddles Lavern’s nephew, and his friends, Serath Chuckle and Bart Ranger at her bar, Cloven Hoof. She throws them out after they resort to physical violence with the help of Suki, the wood nymph, whom she has hired as a bouncer. The next day, Puddles seeks her help to trace her missing nephew, Dewey. Tempest finds them at a crypt in the cemetery guarded by Granny Dottie but Serath is missing. His dead body is discovered in the forest with the traces of black magic. The Angel Force suspect Josh, a member of a wild bike gang headed by Rhett Blackthorn, a fallen angel to be the culprit as the victim was seen lurking near him. Tempest wants to clear his name to help Rhett Blackthorn, on whom she has a crush but doesn’t admit. Another victim, Dewey Lavern, dies in a similar fashion while Axel and Rhett go missing. Their lives are in great danger. Will Tempest unmask the murderer before it’s too late? There are plenty of twists and turns in the series. Highly exciting.

Book 4 :

Curse of the Witch:

It’s the thirteeth reunion of Tempest’s Aunt Queenie’s biker gang, the Dead Tree Witch biker gang. Caprice, Esmeralda, Lila, Bastille, and Samantha visit their old friend. They are having a gala time. Bastille stills holds a grudge against Queenie because she had been dating Kenny before being dumped by him. Inspite of the party, Bastille is found dead at the garden of the Hotel. She has burnt marks on her skin indicating the use of dark magic. Dazielle considers everyone including Tempest and her Aunt as suspects. Some investigation from Tempest points the finger towards Caprice who is the next one to lose her life in a similar fashion. Who is targeting these ladies and why? Aunt Queenie and her remaining friends are scared for their lives. Would Tempest find out the criminal and stop him or her? It’s a wonderful read.

Book 5:

Son of a witch:

Mayor Mannie Winter seeks Tempest’s help to provide security for the magic museum that also has an exhibit of the Murder of the witches. He introduces her to a prominent but a rude Historian, Gretel Le Strange. Later, when Tempest arrives at the museum for resuming her duty, she is introduced to Isadora Ash, a famous author of the books on the history of witches, Seth Fellows, her PR, Jonah Dragoon ( her personal assistant)and Lotus Umbra ( research assistant). Cleo Felix manages the security of the museum.

Gretel is found dead in the ducking stool exhibit. Dazielle is away on a refresher couse. Her assistants, Sablo, and Dominic are highly inefficient. Mannie asks Tempest to step in and investigate. Everyone had grudge against Gretel. Tempest initially suspects Isadora but she too is found dead. Both these murders take place exactly in the same manner as Isadora had published in her book. Who is killing these witches and why? Can Tempest prevent another gruesome murder and nab the killer? This book has plenty of suspense to keep readers enthralled. Highly recommended for reading for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.


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