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We need a respite from the unhealthy wave,
Of a deadly disease called Covid,
Oh God! Please save.
Humanity is losing a battle against a small virus.
It looks like the ringmaster, and we are a part of its circus.
Kids are now strangers to their classes in their schools.
Laptops and mobiles are their learning tools.
No more visiting the beaches or the shopping mall,
No more sipping hot tea from a tea stall.
Weddings are no longer as they used to be.
Gone is the atmosphere tension-free.
People are afraid to step out of their houses.
Fearing for the safety of their children and spouses.
The sanitizers and hand wash are now an integral part of our lives.
Isolation is the key to survival as against crowding like beehives.
How long do we have to endure this cursed COVID?
Its continued presence makes me livid.
It’s just like the waves of the sea,
Moves back and forth all the way.
Is it possible to become virus free?
It’s like a permanent guest that wants to stay.
I pray to God for bestowing upon us His Grace.
By eliminating this virus, make this world a better place.
Dear Covid, please stop playing hide and seek.
We wish you would depart forever within a month or a week.


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