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Funny questions keep popping in my mind.
I do get answers of every kind.
Do you know the blood group of a mosquito?
I think it’s neutral ABO.
I wonder how this miniscule Coronavirus,
Manages to scare the hell out of us.
Is it possible to sanitize our thoughts apart from our bodies?
Yes. By avoiding all the gossip stories.
Social distancing has replaced socializing.
Staying at home always is agonizing.
The walls of my house ask me when are you going to leave?
When are you going to grant us a reprieve?
Why do you watch daily soaps on TV that stink like a fart?
And admire the ugly splotches on paper as the work of art.
Finally, I try to break free from ridiculous thoughts.
Only to find silly questions pouring in lots.
Can we measure the height and weight of human stupidity using any scale?
Unfortunately, there is no answer. What a sorry tale!
We have sense organs to see, touch, taste, hear, and smell.
What’s the organ responsible for the sense of humor, can you tell?
I think it’s the coordination between our brain and mouth.
That makes us say things, couth and uncouth.
I wish we had a remote control to control what we think or say.
It would surely keep all our miseries away.


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