A book review

Wow. I found this book absolutely mind blowing. What a fascinating Page Turner and an absolute thriller! I congratulate Author Kent Wayne for coming up with such an excellent sci-fi thriller. In fact, I was so deeply engrossed in reading it that my husband had to actually drag me out of the comfort of my chair so that I finish my cooking.

Atriya, the protagonist, is a member of the Crusader, a part of The Enforcement team on the planet Echo, which is similar to the Earth. The story is set 1200 years from now on Echo.

Atriya and his teammate Clement are a part of The Battalion consisting of The Enforcers and The Retrieval Specialists (who want Atriya Dead after their mission is accomplished) to launch an attack on the Dissidents residing in The Wastes Area and destroy their autoguns stored in the warehouse. While leading their mission, Atriya watches an Ascensioner, Leat Water attacking a drug addict and killing him. He watches him feasting upon the dead body. He is riled up and acting on the orders of the Retrieval Team Leader, he kills Leat.

What follows next is an absolute thriller! I felt as if I was watching a Hollywood blockbuster. A chain of events occur triggering a variety of emotions. I could actually visualize those scenes playing in my mind’s eye. Awesome book! I wouldn’t ruin the suspense by revealing what happens next.

This is one of the most gripping sci-fi thriller. Hats off to Mr. Wayne for such an outstanding book that surpassed it’s predecessor. Brilliant. Highly recommended for reading. I have to say I am getting hooked up to this fascinating series.


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