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Author CT Mitchell is a creative genius when it comes to writing mysteries and thrillers. He is from Australia and an Amazon bestselling author of mystery short reads and novels with a thriller edge. He has received multiple 5 star ratings in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards for his novel Murder Secret (formerly published as Breaking Point).

CT Mitchell’s debut murder mystery, Rejection, went on to become an international crime and mystery bestseller, reaching the number one position in its category in the Amazon charts both in the UK and US. His books have been Amazon bestsellers for weeks together. I admire his writing style, precise, crisp, and without beating around the bush.

He is also engaged in real estate business and goes by the name, Greg Reed. His interaction with many interesting characters and traveling experience also contribute to his exceptional writing skills.

His fast-paced Detective Jack Creed Mysteries is a unique combination of traditional police procedural practice, global locations, and a hint of thrillers. His books are awesome page turners that would keep you guessing to the end and you would crave to read more of his books. I especially adore Lady Margaret Turnbull series. I feel like she is the female version of Sherlock Holmes with her keen observation skills that enable her to crack difficult cases.


Detective Jack Creed series

Detective Jack Creed series

Dead Shot
Dead Ringer
Dead Wrong
Dead Boss
Dead Stakes
Dead Lucky
Dead Silence
Dead Set: The Complete Detective Jack Creed Series Books 1-7
Murder Secret (Thriller)

Lady Margaret Turnbull series

Lady Margaret Turnbull (Cozy Mystery)

Murder at the Fete
Murder in the Village
Murder in the Cemetery
Murder in the Valley
Murder at the Manor
Murder in the Frame
Murder in the District: Lady Margaret Turnbull Cozy Mysteries Books 1-6

Father Douglas cozy mysteries

Father Douglas (Cozy Mystery)

Murder and the Mechanic
Murder and the Jewelry Box
Murder and the Monk
Murder and the Old Flame
Murder in the Parish: Father Douglas Cozy Mysteries Books 1-4

Selena Sharma series

Selena Sharma (Cozy Mystery)

Murder by Butter Chicken
Murder of a Bollywood Queen

Miss Coco series

Miss Coco ( Cozy Mysteries)
Poolside Catastrophe
Accidental Catastrophe
Scammed Catastrophe
Pedigree Catastrophe

Kate Mackenzie

Kate Mackenzie (Cozy Mystery)

Deadly Vows
Deadly Liasions
Deadly Soiree
Deadly Birthday
Deadly Finale
Deadly Mix: Kate Mackenzie Cozy Mysteries Books 1-5

Political thriller Final Code

Political Thrillers Final Code series.

The Decoder

Code Red

Code War

Let’s see some comments from his readers:

I really like the Lady Margaret mysteries! They’re quaint, colonial, and old-fashioned.

The plots and characters are really good! A reader really gets their money’s worth! Recommended!”  Jerri

“ loved the stories & stories are what they are just FUN to get through a long horrid weekend with something that makes you smile. 

Thanks CT you made me smile when I needed it most”– Susan

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He loves to interact with his readers. To know more about him, do visit the above mentioned website. Thank you so much, Mr. CT Mitchell for entertaining us with your wonderful books. May you keep producing more bestsellers every year.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊

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