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Poor neighbor

I have a neighbor, Mr. X,
His house is under a spell or a hex,
None of the tenants last for more than a year,
They are either evicted or flee for life dear.
I am puzzled over my neighbor’s abnormal behavior,
Bossing over his tenants thinking that he is their Lord savior.
He expects his tenants to take care of his family,
He kicked out a tenant for this reason silly.
He is scared of no one but only his wife,
Whose tongue is as sharp as a knife.
He has changed three tenants within a year or two,
I can’t imagine the fate of the tenants new.
These new tenants had moved in last week,
I saw their vicious dog and let out a shriek.
Never did I pray for any tenant to vacate,
But I wish these people would quickly relocate.
Letting their dog loose in the neighborhood,
Is certainly not an act of kindness or sainthood.
It poops and pees in the backyard of my house,
Much to my irritation as well as that of my spouse.
Everyday there is an unbearable stench permeating the air,
I find it really unfair,
Being a vegetarian, I can’t stand the smell,
Of meat or fish being cooked, I feel as if I am in a hell.
I hope these people will leave very soon,
And settle somewhere else, perhaps on the moon.
I wish someone would knock some sense into Mr. X’s head,
To choose tenants wisely and not just for money instead.

4 thoughts on “MY WEIRD NEIGHBOR

  1. So cool and it’s totally relatable. Like we say ye Ghar ghar ke baate hai..instead I should say ye har neighbour ke baat hai!
    It’s funny🤣

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  2. 😂😂😂. That’s cute. I would love to know the renewed lyrics. When I was in school, we made a parody of this song as:
    Mere Saamne waali khidki me ek doodhwala bhaiya rehta hai.
    Afsos ye hai ki woh har din, doodh me paani milata hai.


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