A book review.

This is one of the most gripping edge of the seat thrillers that I have ever ready. What a wonderful book! There was never a dull moment and I couldn’t put the book down even for a moment. Plenty of twists, turns, a high element of suspense and spine chilling incidents that make you glued to this book.

Ian works for a Portland-based organization, Child First, where he supervises the visits between children and their estranged or divorced parents. He is supervising a visit between Tommy and his father when he receives a death threat from an unknown number. He turns his attention towards Tommy but he isn’t there. Fearing the worst, Ian manages to find him with his father and drops him at his mother’s place. A vagrant tries to get his attention by forcing him to accept a paper while Ian is on his way to the office.

He greets Jeannie McCabe, the oldest daughter of his boss, Linda McCabe. He tells Linda about the death threat and she advises him to file a police complaint. On his way home, he meets the same guy again and gives him money in exchange for the newspaper. When he returns home, he opens the paper and an envelope falls down. It contains a visitor’s pass to the Oregon State Penitentiary in nearby Salem and a note written to him by his daughter’s murderer, Tyler Young, who had run her over while she was returning from school. The note says that he was paid to murder her. Ian is full of rage. He wants to meet the killer to know who paid him to do the dirty deed. He has to take care of a supervised visit between Molly Flannigan and her biological mother before visiting the prison which he successfully manages to accomplish. A great shock and frustration awaits when he finds that his child’s killer had lost his life before he could reveal the name.

When he comes home, he receives another frantic call from his boss Linda that Molly is missing. Another death threat follows him. He is desperate to find and rescue Molly before it’s too late. He seeks the help of his cop friend, Jersey Castle, to find her. He begins investigation into Young’s death as well search operation for Molly. He wants to talk to Young’s cellmate Lee Hogg, who got released before his sentence came to an end. Lee Hogg is murdered before he could open his mouth.

Someone is keeping tabs on his every move. Frustration mounts on Ian to rescue Molly and also identify his daughter Emily’s main murderer. He receives an anonymous call from a lady now threatening to hurt his estranged wife, Helena Fairchild as well. He might end up dead with Helena unless the killer is caught. Who is this mysterious psychopath on a murdering spree? Who wants to destroy Ian and his family? What did Ian do to earn the ire of the murderer? Will Ian rescue Molly before it’s too late? To know these answers, do grab this book. It’s a high voltage action thriller. Highly recommended for all the lovers of mysteries and crime thrillers.

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